kids room declutter and organization

Kids Room Declutter & Organization

 Every season I like to declutter, organize and clean my kids room.  Decluttering seasonally helps keep us minimal and organized. The best way to stay organized is to ditch the clutter.  My kids love to bring things home from school or almost anywhere they go.  This could be art, rocks, little toys they find, literally …

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Toys to Ditch With Minimalism

Toys To Ditch With Minimalism

Today I am sharing the toys to ditch with minimalism and what we ended up keeping.  There are six different types of toys that we ended up decluttering.  I believe less is more when it comes to toys!  This is what is working for our family and I hope it will inspire you to figure …

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soulful simplicity book

Soulful Simplicity Book Review

Today I am sharing the Soulful Simplicity book review.  Each month of the year I am picking a simple living themed book to read and review.  For the month of February I read Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver.  This book is extremely inspiring and up lifting.  Soulful Simplicity teaches us that simple living is more …

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minimalist appliances

Minimalist Kitchen Appliances

Today I am sharing our minimalist kitchen appliances, what we use and what we got rid of when decluttering.  The items in your kitchen are going to vary depending on your lifestyle.  We eat home cooked meals everyday, but I work from home so I have plenty of time to prepare my meals.  These items …

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11 rules to be clutter free

11 Rules to Stay Clutter Free

Today I am sharing 11 rules to stay clutter free.  Decluttering? Just go through your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need.  Now staying clutter free can be much harder. Clutter creeps into our homes slowly and if you aren’t paying attention you may be swimming in clutter all over again. I have …

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Minimalist Gift ideas

61 Minimalist Gift Ideas

Here are 61 minimalist gift ideas for everyone in your life.  Why add more clutter to the world?  When I first started decluttering I thought I would never buy anything ever again.  The thought of unwanted gifts stressed me out, but luckily there is an alternative. Americans spend a lot of money on gifts, the …

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