Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

12 minimalist bathroom decor ideas

Today I am sharing 12 minimalist bathroom decor ideas.  

With these simple bathroom decoration ideas, your home will be organized and easy to clean.

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12 Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas


1 Add Plants to your Bathroom

Adding plants to your bathroom will make it feel fresh by actually cleaning the air! 

Plants also add color and decor without having to buy an unnatural thing to decorate your space.

This will also add a pop of color if you are into having a neutral-colored bathroom.

Here is a beautiful pot for a bathroom.




2 – Go All White in the Bathroom

Going with an all-white bathroom will make it look bigger and brighter.  The nice thing about a white bathroom is it’s a blank slate. 

You can add different colored rugs or art to change it up.


Get this white poof for your bathroom.


3 – Decorate with Different Tile Styles

If you are choosing all white a good way to make your bathroom interesting is to use different styles of tile.

Larger tiles are combined with smaller tiles in different areas of your bathroom. This is a great way to break up all the white with it still being white.



4 – Use Trays to Organize

Your counters can look cluttered if there are a lot of little things all over.  By using a tray to group everything together it will look neater and easier to clean.

All you have to do is move the tray of things to clean the sink, so much easier.

This is a great neutral-colored tray to try out!




5 – Add Texture With Window Treatments

Use texture where you can in a minimalist space.  Since you don’t have a lot of stuff you don’t want the space to look stark. 

By adding some texture your space can be minimalist and cozy at the same time.

Adding textured window treatments will add that cozy vibe without having too much stuff.

Try these bamboo roman shades for a textured feel.




6 – Choose Drawers for Easy Organization

Instead of having doors use drawers.  They are easier to organize and look sleek and minimal.



7 – Use Dark Accents

Dark accents pop in a minimalist bathroom.  Since there won’t be a lot of stuff a pop of black or dark blue looks amazing!

Get this black mirror here




8 – More Floor Space by using a Wall Toilet

Try a wall toilet! It creates the feel of more space and it is a lot easier to clean.

hanging toilet


9 – Add a Shiny Wall

Just because your bathroom is minimal doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.  Add a shiny accent wall for some interest in your bathroom decor.



10 – Open Shelves will Keep You Minimal

Try some well-organized and styled open shelves for a minimal yet cozy look in your bathroom.

Just make sure they don’t get overcrowded and cluttered.



11 – Add a Detailed Floor

Try a fun tile for the floor in your minimalist bathroom design.

small sink


12 – Use Wall Storage

Wall storage is a great way to stay organized when you don’t have a lot of room under your sink.

Look for hanging storage options for the wall or behind the door.  By using a system that is a similar color to the wall or a neutral color it will help keep your bathroom with a minimalist aesthetic. 

Check out these amazing clear and white shelves to help create more storage.


hanging storage

Hopefully, these 12 minimalist bathroom decor ideas will help you to keep your bathroom organized and simplified.


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