Kids Room Declutter & Organization

kids room declutter and organization

 Every season I like to declutter, organize and clean my kids room.  Decluttering seasonally helps keep us minimal and organized.

The best way to stay organized is to ditch the clutter.  My kids love to bring things home from school or almost anywhere they go.  This could be art, rocks, little toys they find, literally clutter comes from everywhere.

This is why it is important to declutter often if you want to stay organized.

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Seasonal Kids Room Declutter

Each season or twice a year I like to switch out my boys clothing.  Normally as we switch from the warm months into the cooler months or vice versa.  We keep some secondhand clothing that has been handed down to us from family and friends.

Each of my boys has a bin of handed down clothing and this is when I will pull these out.  It saves us a ton of time and money to keep and use these secondhand items.  My only suggestion is to go through them regularly to know what you have.

When I go through their clothes I am not only looking for items that need to be donated, but I am also searching for items they won’t wear this season.

Removing the clothes that are out of season make it easier for my boys to get dressed.  I usually put the warmer clothes on a top shelf in their closet or I will pack them away in the secondhand box.


Minimalism With Kids

Decluttering several times a year helps us stay minimal.  Since we have already decluttered everything in our lives and we are currently living with less this is a maintenance task.  Normally a seasonal declutter will only take about 10 to 30 minutes.

Start by making sure all of the clothes are clean and present. 

Pull out anything that doesn’t fit or is out of season

Decide if these items should be donated or if they will work again for next year.


kids declutter and organization minimalism


Decluttering A Kid Room

If this is the first time you are decluttering your child’s room I have a few hacks I like to use.

Start with deciding how many items your child truly needs.  Essentially you are giving yourself a limit.  For instance my boys wear one pair of shorts each day.  I do laundry once a week, therefore they only need about 7 pairs of pants or shorts in their wardrobe.

I apply this same rule to shirts, socks, underwear, and pajamas.  When it comes to shoes they have about 3 pairs, depending on the time of year.  Usually they have one pair of tennis shoe, sandals, and winter boots. 

Closet and Toy Declutter

I also go through all the toys, books, and miscellaneous items each season.  This consists of opening each toy bin and looking for obvious things they have grown out of.  Normally I can find at least a handful of items they are no longer using.  This time I found a few broken toys and books that are too young for them.

If you are new to decluttering toys make sure to read my post on toys to ditch with minimalism

Kids Room Organization

I find so many benefits to being organized!  The biggest benefit is that my children can put their own toys away and they can find things easily.

We have four low bins under my boys beds full of toys.  These bins are great because they are so easy for my boys to use on their own.  We store similar items together.  Two bins are full of lego and, one bin is full of cars and airplanes, and the fourth bin is full of random toys.

I have found the easier I make it on my kids to put things away the more likely they are to actually tidy up.


Kids Room Declutter & Organization Conclusion

The best way to stay minimal is to declutter seasonally.  A little maintenance can go a really long way!

Good Housekeeping shares some excellent decluttering ideas and rules for kids rooms.

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