minimalist guest room decor

Minimalist Guest Bedroom

Today I am sharing how I decorated our minimalist guest bedroom.  A guest bedroom is so easy to keep minimalist since no one lives in there!

I love minimalist decorating, but the challenge is to stay minimalist and not over do it.  The first thing I do is gather ideas on my pinterest boards.  Light and bright is the theme for this room.  Check out our fixer upper home tour to see how far we have come.

minimalist guest room decor white and bright

Watch the transformation here:

Use What you Have

I like to decorate using what I already have in my home.  Go room to room looking for things that might work in the space.  For this room I already had the curtains, bed, lamp and desk.  Once I gathered all of these items in the room I could see what I needed to shop for.

If something doesn’t quite fit maybe you can update it.  The desk was originally green!  I painted it white a few years ago and now it goes with everything.

Guest room Minimalist desk

Minimalist Shopping

When I go shopping I like to have a list of everything I want.  That way I don’t spend too much or buy unnecessary things.  I started my shopping at the thrift store to see if I could find some second hand items.  Second hand items save money and the environment.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in the thrift store.  Because of that I decided to wait on getting a side table and lamp.

I was able to find a comforter and pillow cover at Home Goods.  The nice thing about a pillow cover is it doesn’t take up much room and it can be switched out.

Guest Room simple and white decor


If you can’t find what you want, just wait.  There have been too many times where I buy something I don’t really love because I feel I need it.  Now that we have decluttered and live more minimally I wait.  I wait to find things I love, and work in my home instead of rushing to fill every room.

For instance I couldn’t find a rug I liked before our guest came so I decided to wait.  A week after our guest left I found the perfect rug! And I am so happy I waited.

How do you decorate? Leave me a comment with all your tips and tricks!

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