What To Do on Earth Day

What To Do on Earth Day

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate earth day!  We can save and celebrate our planet with some fun activities for the whole family.  You won’t have to wonder what to do on earth day.  When is Earth Day? Earth day is on April 22 each year.  This day is dedicated to raising awareness about

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Minimalist New Year Resolutions

Today I am sharing my simple living minimalist New Year resolutions / New Year goals with you. We are trying to live a simple more intentional life and by simplifying the “stuff” in our lives I am trying to embrace more experiences.  More travel and having more fun.  Simplifying my home has made me take

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minimalist cleaning supplies

Minimalist Cleaning Supplies

Minimalist cleaning supplies have changed the way I clean.  Simplifying the number of supplies we have has really helped with clutter. (post contains affiliate links) Minimalist Cleaning Supplies & Storage Video: I have realized it doesn’t take a lot of cleaning supplies to keep my home clean.  The more I have streamlined my cleaning products

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An Easy Eco Friendly Switch

As I restock products in our home I am on the hunt for an easy eco-friendly switch!  It is harder than it looks to find good eco-non-toxic products.  Here are 5 items you can switch to become more eco-friendly! Just the thought of “zero waste” had me overwhelmed.  I did a lot of research on

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Reusable gift bag for Christmas gifts

Reusable Christmas Gift Bags

We are using some homemade reusable Christmas gift bags this year.  These simple bags are super easy to make. Reusable gift bags are eco-friendly and super cute.  “Americans spend more than $7 billion on wrapping paper each year, according to Sundale Research.” What I like about this simple craft is you make it one time and

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

I have a vision of a beautiful toxic-free and eco-friendly kitchen. Usually, I live on autopilot as I think most people do.  We do what we were taught and what we grew up doing.  After some research, I have started to implement these 17 eco-friendly kitchen practices.    How can I make my kitchen more

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For the last six months, I have been trying to become more eco-friendly and use less single-use plastic items (like cling wrap).  One thing that I have seen people use to cover their food in the fridge is beeswax wraps.  These wraps are super easy to make!  All you need is cotton material, beeswax, parchment


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