Minimalist Cleaning Supplies

Minimalist cleaning supplies have changed the way I clean.  Simplifying the number of supplies we have has really helped with clutter.

minimalist cleaning supplies

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Minimalist Cleaning Supplies & Storage Video:

I have realized it doesn’t take a lot of cleaning supplies to keep my home clean.  The more I have streamlined my cleaning products the more I enjoy cleaning.  About a year ago I started to look for non-toxic natural cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly.

This is when I found the Grove Collaborative and started my minimalist cleaning collection.

Right now I am using Grove glass cleaner, floor cleaner, countertop spray, and the tub and tile cleaner.  All of them clean great and smell amazing!

I love using their glass spray bottles and eco-friendly sponges.  Each glass bottle has a different colored silicone sleeve on the bottom that matches the refill concentrate.  To refill the bottle all you have to do is pour the refill pack into the matching glass bottle and fill the rest with water.

Microfiber Cloths

I am currently using microfiber cloths to clean with and they really help with the cleaning process.  I notice when I use a microfiber cloth to dry the mirror I don’t have to put much effort into scrubbing.  You can get these affordable microfiber clothes at Target too.

Minimalist Cleaning Appliances

It is important to have the cleaning appliances that you need to get the job done.  Having too many is just a hassle!  I use to have an electric mop and all kinds of dusting appliances, but I found them hard to store and overwhelming to use.  I would talk myself out of cleaning because it was too much work to get these machines out.

Now I only have a mini broom, a normal broom and dustpan, a Dyson upright, and a mop!  I am never overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning since simplifying.

Since I have fewer cleaning supplies and appliances it is very easy to keep everything organized in our utility closet.  I like to keep our cleaning solutions over our stove in the kitchen.  This way the kids can’t get into the spray bottles and I don’t have to lock a cupboard.

The only products stored under our sink are the extra sponges and my gloves.  Since simplifying I don’t find myself reaching to the back to find things.  Everything is organized and easy to reach.

eco friendly cleaning

This cleaning caddy is the perfect thing to store all of your supplies.  I keep mine under the bathroom sink.

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Grove Cleaning Products

Dyson Vacuum

Microfiber Cloths


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