10 Simple Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Here are the best gift ideas for the minimalist kids in your life.  10 Simple minimalist gift ideas that any family will love.

December is here and Christmas is only a few weeks away.  We have spent the last year decluttering our home and simplifying what we have kept.  I am not looking forward to filling our house back up any time soon.

I decided to come up with a simple gift guide for all the minimalists with kids.  We will be getting our kids gifts this year, but they might not be something they store in their room.

When looking for a gift I always try to find something that’s high quality and durable.  We love gifts that get our children thinking outside the box and interacting with us.  I try to steer clear of toys that make a lot of noise and anything fragile.

Nothing is worse than a toy you don’t want to hear or a toy you are worried will break.

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10 Simple Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Building Toys

Lego and Duplo are great options for any child.  The age range on LEGO is huge.  I have found my 2-year-old to my husband is entertained by LEGO.  Any toy where you can build different things and use your imagination is awesome.  Magnetic building blocks are a great quiet imaginative toy


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Lego Monster Truck


2. Crafting

Most children love to create!  There are so many great art sets that include watercolor, pencils, and markers.  For young children, you could get dot paint and paint sticks.  Don’t forget to give some paper or a canvas with the gift, that way they can start creating right away.

I love this Giant Kid’s Craft Box!  We have had so much fun making all these crafts.

crafting during quarantine


3. Board Games

Board games are a great way to bring the whole family together.  As my boys get older we are having more game nights.  Games are a great gift for any age.  Our 2-year-old loves “Let’s go fishin” and our 4-year-old loves Candy Land.  I always like to check the age range of the game, it’s best to find a game that is intended for the age of the child.  When my 4-year-old was 2 I bought him a few games that were intended for older kids and all it did was frustrate everyone.

My young boys love that they can play Candy Land on their own!

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Candy land Game


4. Wood Toys / Train Sets /Doll House

Wood toys seem to stand the test of time!  My boys love train sets and Lincoln Logs.  They can use their imagination while building and designing the village.  Some fantastic wood doll houses are super fun to play with and nice to look at in your home.  I find quality toys look a lot nicer and last longer.  My goal is to avoid toys that break almost immediately.



My 7 year old and 9 year old still play with this!


5. Books

Give the gift of reading!  Classic books never go out of style or you could give them one of your childhood favorites.  Going the more minimalist route you can give an older child a subscription to an online book service.

My 9-year-old loves DIARY OF A WIMPY KID  and DOG MAN BOOKS


We love reading!


6. Experience With Things

Give the gift of an experience.  Museum passes, theme park tickets or movie tickets are a great idea for all ages.  One gift I remember giving my friends when we were teenagers was movie tickets and a big bag of candy and popcorn.  This will also work for someone you might not know very well.

When I was about 8 years old I remember getting tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas.  The funny thing is I can’t remember any other gift I received that year.  This proves most experiences we have are remembered over things we get.

Another idea is saving up for a trip!  Try to get the kids involved with saving.  Maybe they can save up their allowance during the year and around Christmas time the whole family goes on a fun trip together.  The possibilities are endless.


7. Special Treat = Food is Minimal!

My kids love these certain expensive cookies that we only purchase once in a while.  Any special treat that they don’t get very often would be a great stocking stuffer!


8. Lesson

For parents that don’t want more things in their house, I would suggest the gift of a lesson.  What is the child interested in? Can you buy them a gift certificate for piano lessons or karate?

Here is another idea, give the child the choice by printing out a homemade gift card telling them they get to choose what they want to learn and you will pay for it.


9. Clothing That’s Needed

My children always seem to need pajamas!  If I am purchasing clothes for a friend I like to double-check the child’s size and see what they need.

Another good option for an older child is a gift card to a clothing store they like.  This way they don’t have to return anything, and they still get to pick out their style.


10. Minimalism & Money

Money is the best gift for a child!  Nothing is better than when you turn 18 or 21 and have some savings to help you get started in life.  When I was little my grandparents always gave me a check for every birthday and most holidays.

This money went into my savings account (even then I was into saving).  When I turned 18 and needed a car I had a large amount of money set aside to help pay for my “new to me” used car.


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I hope some of these ideas help when trying to find a gift that won’t take over your home.  I love giving my kids the gift of an experience!

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10 Simple Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

This article may include affiliate links. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” You can find my full disclosure at the bottom of this page. 

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