Becoming Minimalist for a Year – What has Changed?

So many things have changed since we have become minimalist.  I can truly say that decluttering has completely changed my life!


Minimalism has made me more PRODUCTIVE.  Finding I have more time to work on fun projects and travel more with our family.  Since I started to become minimal I have looked up ways to become more productive.  The change to become more minimal inspired more changes in the rest of our lives.

Now I can recognize when I am wasting time and either stop myself or make a mental note to myself on how I am using my time.  Where before I use to wonder where my time went.  Now I am more aware.

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Minimalism has made me think not only about my home environment, but about the whole environment.  I have started to look up ways to be less wasteful and more eco friendly.  This is not easy! It feels like it should be simple, but I realized that almost everything we do has an impact on the environment.  This is ok because there is literally no way around it, but there are a lot of changes we are making to help with our waste.

I am trying to buy things with less packaging.  If I have the option I always refuse plastic. I am trying to buy more glass jars instead of plastic.  We don’t eat fast food anymore.  I even try to drive less, I try to combine my trips out so I am not having to make extra trips in my car.  Of course these are very tiny changes, but I feel if we all made them it would add up.


I went from watching a lot of TV to not watching any.  I still watch YouTube, but the difference is you can look up exactly what you want.  So I find myself learning things instead of mindlessly staring or flipping through channels.

Now my kids only see shows on Netflix.  This is great because we can decide on what they are watching and there are no ads.  When they use to see ads on TV they would always ask me for certain toys, now they don’t.

Less TV means more time to read and learn.  I don’t know why I stopped learning before!  I use to love the reading and learning aspect of school.  As soon as I was out of school I really only read fiction books and I don’t know why.  Now I find myself reading so many different types of books and most of them are teaching me something.  I am learning how to make websites, how to make a YouTube channel, how to sell my art, and so much more.


Just because you declutter your house and buy less stuff does not mean you are going to magically become happy or less stressed.  I think there is a myth being spread that if we declutter and live with less everything will be easy and fun.  Ha Ha!  The one thing it has showed me is that I can be aware of what I am doing and if I need to make some changes to become happier then I should.  One thing I personally changed is I joined the gym and this has given me some alone time where I can think and have a second to myself which has made me happier. 

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I love this quote because I think now days everyone is constantly comparing themselves to everyone else, and that sucks!  Have you ever got dressed and thought you looked super cute then you got to the event and everyone was way more dressed up?  Immediately you feel like you should have dressed differently?  This feeling stinks!  So one major thing that minimalism has changed for me is realizing I can be different and that is fine. 


I have started questioning the way we are told to live and what we are told should be important (big house, nice car).  Realizing expensive brand names don’t matter, especially if you can’t afford it.  If you want that, great, but if you are in debt and stressed because of it, then its not great.  

I wonder why do we have to give a present at every holiday? Especially if the person doesn’t need anything.  Isn’t hanging out and having fun enough?

I question if I really need the latest trend.  Normally we look back and ask ourselves why we fell for a certain “thing” anyways.  Whether it’s clothes or some product that is supposedly going to make our lives easier.  Most of the time I find these products actually make my life harder. 


Realizing having fun and enjoying your time here on earth is what really matters.  Time flies by!  I see that when I look at my kids and how fast they are growing.  I have become conscience of how I spend my time (even if I choose to waste it).


Being minimal can mean something different to everyone, but this is what has changed in our lives and I feel minimalism is a journey that is never ending.  I don’t think there will be one day where I say, “well that is it we are there.”

In my life adopting minimalism has been a positive thing that has opened the door to new ideas and ways of living.

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Let me know in the comments if you are becoming minimal and what is something that has drastically changed in your life from this journey?

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