12 simple fall decor ideas

12 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

12 Simple Fall decor ideas to get your home looking amazing! Fall is such a cozy time of the year for home decor.  Adding a few things here and there can completely transform your home from Summer to Fall. Here are a few ways to decorate your home for the Fall season.   1 – …

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How to Freeze candy

How To Freeze Candy

Are you wondering how to freeze candy?  It is very easy and cost-effective. Most candy can last a long time when it is frozen properly. Whenever we get a lot of candy all at once I like to freeze it so we can enjoy it throughout the year. Usually, on Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s day, …

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minimalist fall decor

Minimalist Fall Decor

Today I am sharing our minimalist Fall decor and how to make minimal Halloween bats. When decorating for Fall I like to use as many natural decor items as possible.  This year I only bought pumpkins, and a witch’s broom made from sticks.  I love that all these decorations will go back into the earth. …

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simple halloween costume ideas

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Today I am sharing a few super simple Halloween costume ideas.  These affordable costumes can be thrown together in one day.


What should I be for Halloween???? I feel like I have been everything for Halloween! From a Pumpkin to a Pincess to a Witch! I want to be something different but what?? Should it be sexy or funny? 2007 to 2010 Costumes 2007 Play Boy Bunny (Girls next Door) 2008 Devil 2009 2009 Fairy 2010 …

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Halloween Party

This weekend was our first party at out new place. It was a combined Halloween and birthday party. (I didn’t tell many people it was my birthday). It took us days to get ready for it or rather it took ME days. Thursday I went shopping for all the snack food and drink stuff and …

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