Homemade Natural Bathroom Tub Scrub

Let’s see if a homemade natural bathroom cleaning hack will really work!  Today I am sharing a natural bathroom tub scrub. 

Some of the nonslip strips on the bottom of my tub started to come off.  What didn’t come off is the glue residue!  I have seen so many cleaning hacks with homemade natural cleaners on Pinterest that I thought I would try one of my own.  So here are the results of my CLEANING HACK!

Take a lemon and cut it in half.  Lucky for me, my mom has a huge lemon tree!  Squeeze the lemon into a bowl.  Now add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

I was surprised to see what happened when you mix these 2 ingredients together.  They foam up!  It makes a watery paste.

I quickly took this mixture up to my tub and poured it on the strips. 

Letting the mixture sit on the glue for a while helped break down the glue from the strips.

After I let the mixture do its magic, I started scrubbing. 

I used a plastic putty knife and a kitchen scrubber. 

As the glue is coming off make sure you don’t let any of it go down the drain.  I used some paper towels to wipe out the tub before I rinsed the tub.

This is the mess I was trying to remove!

Now here is the truth! This mixture definitely helped break down the glue, but I did have to do a lot of scrubbing. 

My goal in my home is to go to all-natural cleaners and use fewer chemicals. 

6 years ago when we moved in here I had to remove some of these tub strips and I tried everything.  All horrible chemicals!  I

have to say this lemon and baking soda mixture worked just as good.

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