1950’s Fixer Upper Home Tour

Welcome to our 1950’s fixer-upper home tour.  Today I am sharing exactly what our home looked like when we first received the keys and what it looks like now 3 years later.

We bought this home in July 2019 and little did we know what we were getting into.  This home was built in the 1950s and not much has been done to it since then.  In my mind, all we needed to do was a little painting, maybe redo some fixtures, and simply move in. 

As it turns out almost everything is going to need to be fixed up.  Sooner than later!

After we received the keys our first job was to have all the walls painted a fresh white color.  We went with Frost White.  It is shocking how much a little paint can transform a room.

Since we moved in I have redone the Front Yard and I finally finished our Guest room.

Kitchen Before:

fixer upper kitchen home tour

Kitchen After:


We painted and kept the original handles for now.  Eventually we will completely gut this kitchen.

The photos are deceiving because the tile, sink and cupboards are in horrible condition!


Watch the Full Tour Here:


This is our original 1950’s kitchen.  Check out my Pinterest to see all of our renovation ideas.


1950's kitchen original decor

These cupboards are raw plywood! They are meant to be painted.  Throughout the years they have been painting and stripped many times.

In all honesty they are in terrible condition, but at least the white paint hides how bad they really look.


Here is our giant empty living room.

Living Room Before:

Empty living room - home tour

The green on the fireplace is a horrible sponge paint project gone wrong!

Living Room After:

fall decor living room

This is our master bedroom. 

From the look of these walls, I think this was a DIY project that went wrong. 

Who remembers the sponge paint technique?  This is why the painting was a must!

master bedroom before renovations

Bedroom After:

don't clean when decluttering

Here is a suggestion to everyone who is moving out, please take your shower curtain with you.

mini bathroom

Our second matter of business was to get rid of this carpet. 

Not only was the carpet dirty, but it smelled horrible. 

I decided to rip out and replace the carpet before we moved our furniture in.

home tour renovations

Kids Room After:

share boys room

Minimalist Kids Room Organization

There are so many questions I have about past decor fads.  Why would anyone paint part of a fireplace green and white?

living room

Fireplace After:

Livingroom Christas decor


Next on my renovation list is the bathrooms.  They all need some major updates.

Walk through bathroom

Brown Tile Bathroom


Here is our guest room before we renovated it. 

With a little paint and furniture, I was able to renovate this guest room into something bright and airy. Guest room before renovations

The nice thing about the 1950s was the closet designs. 

Every room has an extra storage area above each closet. 

No room went to waste back then.

1950's closet

Guest Room After:


The best part about this house so far is the yard! 

We have a huge outdoor area to run around and play.

Back Yard

We are super excited to start renovating this 1950s fixer-upper home.  In the first 2 months, we were able to accomplish quite a lot. 

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1950's Fixer Upper Home Tour

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