5 Tips on How To Stage A Home For Sale

Today I am sharing my 5 tips on how to stage a home for sale.  Staging a home can be a lot of fun, but less is always more!

Thank goodness we spent the last 2 years decluttering our home.  Below I list my 5 tips on how to stage a home for sale.  When I decided to sell our home I knew we needed to stage it for potential home buyers, but what would be the best way.  

The one thing I remember as a home buyer is the amount of junk most homes have.  I wanted our home to look clean, spacious, and well-styled.

Our home sold before we could even do an official open home and the person who bought it said they loved the way we had it decorated!

See how we staged our home in this video:

1. Declutter to Stage Your Home

Declutter everything you don’t need.  You are going to be moving, think of this as a head start on the packing.  The last thing I wanted to do was move a bunch of stuff we didn’t need to a new place.

The good thing about decluttering is your house will look larger and it will be easier to show your home to a lot of people.

Having a clutter-free home will help with your upcoming move, but let’s say you want to keep everything.  I would suggest pre-packing everything you won’t need for a short time and storing these items in your garage or at a friend’s house.

Take out as much as you can so your home looks like a new show home.  Not only did we declutter and we don’t live with much, but I also emptied my entire art closet.  I boxed up all of my art supplies I wasn’t using for the time being and I stored them in my garage.

It was more important to have this particular open closet look really good and uncluttered. 

Minimalist home for sale- stage a home

2. Clear Surfaces

Please clean off all of your counters.  When I was looking online for our new home I couldn’t believe how many photos have a cluttered counter!  At least clean off the counter for the sale photos. 

Whenever I knew someone was coming to see our home I would quickly unplug the toaster and stick it in a cupboard.  I also emptied off our dining room table.  To be totally truthful I bought a special tablecloth that was only for the open home times.

I would quickly pull off the current (possibly dirty) tablecloth with all of the tabletop contents and throw on the special tablecloth.  This made my home look so much better in a really short amount of time. 

Sometimes people will want to see your home at a moment’s notice.  In this case, I had a really easy trick, keep a basket in your high clutter areas. 

For us, it was the dining room.  If I received a message that someone was coming I quickly filled the basket and stuck it in my closet.

3. Move Furniture

In some cases, it makes sense to move your furniture around.  When staging your home put yourself into the buyer’s shoes.  Would you want to walk in and see a really weird furniture layout? 

I will never forget when we toured the home we are now selling, the TV was right at the base of the stairs.  After the tour, I couldn’t stop thinking about that TV!  I remember saying to my husband, “why didn’t they move that out of the way of the stairs? Even if it was just for the open home”

The ideal furniture layout is in a way where people can easily walk around without tripping all over your furniture.

4. Clean

This seems obvious, but make sure you clean your house.  I kept a box under the sink of every bathroom and the kitchen full of cleaning supplies.  I made sure I had something to spray and wipe everything down with.

If you have a last-minute showing all I would do is run from room to room spraying everything down and giving it a quick wipe.  This will make everything look fresh and it will get rid of any possible funky smells. 

Cleaning the windows on the inside and the outside will let more light in and a well-lit house is what everyone wants.

Clean off the front of your refrigerator.  Most people I know have a million photos and cute cards on their fridge, but that can be distracting for a buyer.  Plus this will make your home look more staged and put together.

5. Stage For a Quick Sale

My last tip is to “stage” your home a little.  Personally, I wouldn’t go overboard because remember less is more.  I bought some flowers to have on my sink and that fresh tablecloth I mentioned before. 

If you have funky furniture or things you are not crazy about maybe you can borrow a few items from a friend or get some throws or pillows to cover worn items.

stage a minimalist home

Again I personally think the more you remove the better your home will look.  This allows the buyer to imagine their own items in the space.

How to stage a home for sale?  These 5 home staging tips helped us to sell our home extremely fast and like I said, the person who bought it said they loved the way everything was set up.  She actually asked me where I bought certain things!

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