fireplace before and after

Fireplace Before and After

Today I am sharing our fireplace before and after transformation.  When we moved into this 1950’s fixer-upper in 2019 we had no idea what to do with this huge room. So we made it into our dining room. But this never felt right because of the size of this room. Initially, this room was meant […]

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how to declutter the garage

How to Declutter the Garage

Declutter Your Garage: Easy and Simple Ways Decluttering your garage can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. As someone who has successfully decluttered their own garage, I can tell you that it’s possible to turn your cluttered garage into an organized space with a few simple steps. With a little bit

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How to update old furniture

How to Update Old Furniture

Today I am sharing how to update old furniture.  There are so many cheap easy ways to update older furniture.  It just takes a little work and creativity. How to Update Old Furniture Video: Why Choose Old Furniture First I want to explain why older furniture is usually the better choice.  We had been searching

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garage organization and declutter

How to Organize a Messy Garage

Today I am sharing how to organize a messy garage.  Organizing doesn’t have to be hard! The best way to organize a messy garage is to group similar items together.  Go through the items and declutter everything you don’t need.  Find a storage solution, I like open shelves and clear bins.  Next put similar items

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minimalist guest room decor

Minimalist Guest Bedroom Decor

  Today I am sharing how I decorated our minimalist guest bedroom.  A guest bedroom is so easy to keep minimalist since no one lives in there! I love minimalist decorating, but the challenge is to stay minimalist and not overdo it.  The first thing I do is gather ideas on my minimalist bedroom Pinterest

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Drought Tolerant Landscape

Drought Tolerant Landscape

Today I am sharing our drought tolerant landscape design.  Becoming drought tolerant is easier than it seems.  When we first moved into our 1950’s fixer-upper the first thing I noticed was the dead grass.  Living in sunny southern California I know the only way to go is with a drought-tolerant landscape.  At first, I wasn’t

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cheap and easy simple headboard

Cheap and Easy DIY Headboard

Learn how to make a cheap and easy DIY headboard with this tutorial. We wanted a simple way to decorate our bedroom while keeping a minimalist vibe.  Our room used to be very colorful.  As a result, I wanted something light and bright.  This headboard was the answer.  A cheap and easy DIY is the

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