Before and After Decluttering Photos

before and after decluttering photos post

Here are the most realistic before and after decluttering photos to inspire you!  It is way easier to declutter if you are inspired.  This is why I am sharing all of the before and after photos from all of my decluttering sessions.

All of these photos are from decluttering projects that I have done in my home or helped people with.  In most cases decluttering is not hard, but takes time and energy that a lot of people struggle to find.

Starting in one area that is easy for you to declutter will get the ball rolling and lead to more difficult areas.

Before and After Decluttering Photo Inspiration

Here is a living room that we decluttered and changed from a multipurpose dining room/workout and TV room to a simple living room. 

In the process, we decluttered the top of the buffet, the dining table and chairs, and the treadmill.  Transforming this room from overstuffed to a very usable space.

It’s amazing how this room can now be used for living rather than storing things.

livingroom declutter


Garage Declutter Before and After

A garage is always a place where things get stored.  Sometimes we store something away and never revisit it only to find years later we have a ton of things we no longer need.

We worked on a huge garage decluttering and reorganizing.  All of these shelves were decluttered until they didn’t even need the shelves anymore.

This allowed them to park 2 cars in the garage with extra space to walk around them!

garage declutter


Closet Declutter Inspiration

Not only did I declutter my closet but I also decided to add shelves.  You know you have too much when the top shelf is sagging from the weight of everything.

This top closet photo is from before we started decluttering and becoming more minimal. 

As time passed and I continued to declutter my closet looked better.  Decluttering made getting ready easier and quicker.

I also found it a lot easier to keep everything organized when I didn’t have too much stuff.


closet declutter


Closet decluttering


Office Declutter Before and After

I helped my mom declutter her office and get everything organized. 

A little time decluttering and reorganizing made a huge difference.  In the first photo, there was an extra table because there was too much clutter on the desk to hold everything.

Once we decluttered and put everything away we were able to take down the extra table.

office declutter

My Declutter and Garage Organization Project:

garage before and after

With only a few days of decluttering and organizing, we were able to completely transform our garage! 

It turned out all we needed was an action plan and some organizational tools.  See the full post here.


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