10 Things to Declutter For Summer

10 things to declutter this summer

Now is the time to declutter for summer.  Here are 10 things to go through before summer arrives, but don’t worry you could always declutter after summer too.

A great way to make sure you are ready for all the summer activities is to go through all your warm-weather stuff.  Get rid of anything that isn’t working or replace it if needed.

10 Things to Declutter for Summer


1 – Sunblock

Old sunblock will not work and you could get burned!  Make sure you have some fresh sunblock for when you are outside at the pool.


2 – Declutter Hats

Every summer I like to make sure I have a hat to wear to the beach.  Go through and see if the hats you have are something you really want to wear.

This is also a great time to go through kids’ hats and declutter anything that is no longer fitting.

declutter for summer

3 – Swimsuit Decluttering

Don’t wait to buy a swimsuit!  For too many years I have waited to buy a swimsuit only to find out the stores aren’t selling them anymore.

Go through and declutter all the suits that are no longer fitting or are completely worn out.  Then get a new one before summer is over.


4 – Towels

Declutter all the extra beach towels!  For a family of 4 at the time we had way too many beach towels.  We ended up keeping one per family member plus two more in case we have guests.

I have found most people bring their own towels to a pool party or beach party anyways. 

It’s always good to go through the towels just to ensure they are all in good condition.

how to declutter beach stuff


5 – Declutter Sandals or flip flops

Look for sandals or summer shoes that are worn out or don’t fit.  It is easy to overlook shoes season after season.

Now is the time to get rid of all the shoes that you are not going to wear this summer.

Here is a detailed post on how to declutter shoes the easy way.


6 – Beach Bags

How many beach bags do we really need?  Keep your most used and functional beach bags and declutter the rest.

Bags are one of those items that a lot of people keep “just in case” but in reality, we never get around to using them.

declutter summer stuff


7 – Goggles

We have tons of goggles and most of them don’t work well.  The beginning of summer is the best time to figure out what goggles work well and get rid of the rest.

Also over time goggles will wear out, scratch, and break down so look for the ones that are in bad condition.


8 – Self-tanner

Every summer I tend to buy more self-tanner and forget that I already have a lot of old half-used bottles.  Declutter all the old bottles because the self-tanner goes funky over time!

I have also noticed the leftover bottles tend to not work as well.  So let that go now and don’t wait until next summer!


9 – Nail Polish

A few years ago I decided to get rid of all my nail polish and stop painting my nails.  I know this is not for everyone, but it felt great to get rid of the 20 or so nail polish containers!  

Some of the bottles were from over 15 years ago.  Even though nail polish might not go bad, it does get clumpy and crusty.

Get rid of all the old nail polish or any colors you no longer want to wear.


10 – Your Schedule

Declutter your schedule so you can enjoy summer!  Look at everything that you do daily and weekly and see what can be crossed off the list.

This summer I am focusing on being outside more, swimming, and trying to eat more meals outside.

Don’t let the great weather and fun pass by without enjoying it.

Also go through your:

  • Sunglasses
  • Beach books to read
  • Sun Umbrellas
  • Folding Chairs
  • Floaties
  • Boogie Boards

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10 things to declutter for summer


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