100 Things to Declutter In Your Kitchen


100 things to declutter in your kitchen

Here is a massive list of 100 things to declutter in your kitchen.  When I try to declutter my home and minimize my belongings, I love getting ideas from others.

There may be an area that I overlooked, but I could dig a little deeper to let more go!  So, I came up with 100 ideas of things that could be decluttered from the kitchen.

Why is Decluttering the Kitchen Important?

Decluttering a kitchen is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, a clutter-free kitchen promotes efficiency and functionality. When items are organized and easily accessible, cooking becomes more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Secondly, decluttering reduces stress by creating a visually pleasing and calming environment.

A cluttered kitchen can feel chaotic and overwhelming, whereas a tidy space fosters a sense of calm and control. Thirdly, decluttering helps to prevent food waste by ensuring that ingredients are visible and easily accessible. Expired or forgotten items are less likely to accumulate when the kitchen is well-organized.

Finally, a decluttered kitchen can inspire healthier eating habits. With a clear countertop and neatly arranged pantry, preparing nutritious meals at home is more accessible than cooking fast food or takeout.

Decluttering the kitchen is essential for creating a functional, stress-free, and inspiring space that promotes physical and mental well-being.

100 Things To Declutter In Your Kitchen Without a Second Thought! Here is the ultimate list of things to declutter from your kitchen. With this decluttering checklist, you will easily find 100 things to eliminate today!


100 things to declutter in your kitchen without a second thought


100 Things to Declutter From The Kitchen

1 Duplicate utensils could be spoons, spatulas, or anything you have too much of!

2 Old and broken appliances – Things that are broken must go.

3 Unused gadgets – If you don’t use them, it wastes valuable space.

4 Expired spices – Most spices go bad quickly; they lose flavor, so there is no point in using them.

5 Chipped or mismatched dishes 

6 Excessive plastic containers – Too much of anything is not good.  It makes it hard to keep the containers organized.

7 Old sponges – Sponges harbor bacteria (need I say more)

8 Unused cookbooks – I used to have a lot of cookbooks that I never used.  One day, I realized I could declutter four cookbooks because I never liked what I had tried making with those recipes.

9 Single-use kitchen tools—These could be an apple core remover or a pineapple slicer. A knife can do the same job and take up less space.

10 Broken food storage containers—These containers tend to crack over time. Have a close look, and you might be able to declutter some.

11 Unused or broken cutting boards—We had a plastic cutting board that was in really bad condition, and I can only imagine that a lot of bacteria was trapped in the plastic cuts.

12 Empty or near-empty condiment bottles – This can clutter up the fridge!

13 Old dish towels

14 Declutter Unused coffee mugs – We only need so many!
organize kitchen

15 Unused or duplicate pots and pans – After decluttering, I only needed one of each size pot and pan. Pay attention to a week’s worth of cooking and see what you use, then declutter the rest.

16 Unmatched or damaged glassware

17 Excessive Tupperware lids – It’s shocking how many lids have no bottoms.

18 Empty jars – Sometimes, we save jars for a future project that never happens. Then we have so many they start to clutter up the cabinets.

19 Unused kitchen washcloths – Too many washcloths in the kitchen can cause the drawer to be over-stuffed.

20 Excess plastic bags—If we seem to have too many plastic bags, I try to use them for trash. 

21 Old, scratched, non-stick pans – Scratched pans are unhealthy to cook on because specific pans can leach chemicals into the food.

22 Unused or duplicate baking sheets—I have found two baking sheets that seem plenty for our family, but this will be different for everyone.

23 Expired canned goods

24 Broken or unused thermometers

25 Stale Leftovers – Declutter the fridge often!

26 Excessive takeout menus 

27 Free stuff from TO GO places. Little packets of plastic utensils and sauce packs.

28 Unused or broken ice cube trays

29 Old drying racks you don’t use.
minimalist day in the life

30 Unused water bottles – I created a rule of one water bottle for each person and two backups. It’s good to figure out exactly how many you need for your family.

31 Duplicate oven mitts – I used to have a bunch of inherited old oven mitts, and they were so thin that I burned myself! That is when I said NO MORE. I bought a set and got rid of the old ones.

32 Broken or unused wine openers

33 Anything sitting out on your counters (if you want a clean look for your kitchen)

34 Unused or broken colanders/strainers – I went down to one strainer because I realized we were never using the backup strainers.

35 Excess coffee filters

36 Excessive fridge magnets – I love the look of a clean fridge. If you want to refresh your kitchen, try cleaning off the front of the refrigerator and see how you like it.

37 Unused or broken salad spinners

38 Duplicate aprons – This is where I have a few different aprons, but only the ones I love and use.

39 Unused or duplicate serving dishes

40 Expired baking powder or soda – This goes bad and will ruin what you are baking.

41 Duplicate mixing bowls

42 Unused or duplicate graters

43 Excess takeout containers – Reusing things when possible is always good, but sometimes it can just add to the clutter.

44 Nasty Old Cutting boards

organized kitchen

45 Excess plastic wrap 

46 Duplicate rolling pins

47 Expired Flour – I started storing my flour in the freezer so it will stay fresh.

48 Excess paper napkins or cloth napkins

49 Too many shot glasses

50 Duplicate vegetable peelers

51 Excess plastic straws

52 Unused or broken whisks

53 Broken or unused garlic presses

54 Excess paper party supplies

55 Too many chip clips

56 Unused or broken egg separators

57 Excess plastic cups (the kind for parties) 

58 Unused or broken can openers

59 Expired condiments

60 Duplicate salad tongs – You might not even need salad tongs if you have regular tongs that could be used for both purposes.

61 Unused or broken citrus juicers

62 Excess alcoholic drinking glasses – For some reason, cups can get out of control fast! 

63 Duplicate pastry brushes

64 Expired baking ingredients

65 Excess measuring cups

66 Duplicate egg slicers – You might not need this gadget if you have a sharp knife.

67 Unused or broken kitchen scales

68 Duplicate potato mashers

69 Unused or broken pizza cutters

70 Excess paper towels

71 Unused or broken meat thermometers

72 Excessive fast food menus

73 Unused or broken kitchen shears


74 Duplicate vegetable brushes

75 BBQ things you never use

76 Expired sauces in your fridge

77 Drain plugs that don’t work well.

78 Duplicate gravy boats – I decided we don’t need a gravy boat since we rarely use gravy. This, of course, is a personal decision, but sometimes you can do without this sort of one-off thing.

79 Unused or broken tea infusers

80 Expired tea packets

81 Unused or broken meat tenderizers

82 Duplicate spice racks

83 Unused or broken nutcrackers

84 Anything in a top cupboard that has not been touched for years.

85 Duplicate butter dishes

86 Unused or broken basters

87 Expired oils

88 Excessive Kitchen Decor – Art, lamps, signs, and other things like this.

89 Unused or broken kitchen cleaning brushes
full vintage kitchen

90 Excessive cleaning products or soaps you didn’t like

91 Baby plates and cups – These things are no longer needed after they grow to a certain age.

92 Baby bottles 

93 Bottle holders for baby Bottles

94 Blenders that no longer work

95 Coffee makers – At one point, we had two coffee makers!

96 Kitchen Rugs – Worn-out or stained rugs can go.

97 Too many vases

98 Plate risers that you are no longer using

99 Bins for Organizing that are not being used

100 Dead plants (we decorate with plants, and sometimes they need to go)

In conclusion, decluttering your kitchen by eliminating unnecessary items can bring many benefits. Not only does it enhance efficiency and functionality, but it also fosters a sense of calm and control in what is often the heart of the home. Creating a visually pleasing and organized space can reduce stress, prevent food waste, and even promote healthier eating habits.

Whether clearing out expired spices, streamlining your collection of utensils, or removing duplicate gadgets, every small step towards decluttering contributes to a more enjoyable and rewarding kitchen experience.

So why wait? Start your journey towards a clutter-free kitchen today and reap the numerous rewards it brings.

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100 things to declutter in your kitchen

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