5 Quick Decluttering Projects

5 quick decluttering projects

Decluttering does not need to take a lot of time.  Here are 5 quick decluttering projects that are easy to fit into your spare time.

Most of these decluttering projects should take less than 10 minutes.

It should be easy to find 10 minutes somewhere in your day.  If it turns out the decluttering takes more time then just work for 10 minutes and then come back another day to finish up.




5 Quick Decluttering Projects:


1 – Declutter the Kitchen Countertops


Focus on clearing the countertops in your kitchen.  Put everything away, throw away the trash, and remove the things that don’t belong.

 See if you can find a place for appliances that are rarely used or think about decluttering them.

Having clear surfaces in your home is the best way to avoid visual clutter.


Watch Declutter Quickly:


2 – Declutter Hall Closets


Decluttering a hall closet takes no time at all.  These closets are usually somewhat small and tend to gather a bunch of unnecessary things.

Go through and take out everything that belongs somewhere else.  Decide what you really want to keep in this closet.

Are there duplicate items? 

Envision how you want this closet to function.  I use my hall closet to store all of my cleaning supplies and my ironing board.

Once you know what you want to keep in here it will be easier to get rid of everything else.

Here is the exact decluttering process I used in an actionableDecluttering E-Book.

Check out my Get Things Done Printable to stay organized and on task.


3 – Clean Out The Medicine Cabinet


Cleaning out the bathroom medicine cabinet is a very quick and easy thing to declutter.

Start at the top shelf and go left to right.  Look for expired medicine, empty containers, old toothbrushes, and anything you never use.

I like to move the almost empty items to one side so I know to use those first.

This is a great 10-minute declutter project and it will help to point out what you should not buy anymore and what needs to be replaced.


4 – Declutter Makeup


Gather all of your makeup in one place.  If you are like me you might have bags of makeup stashed in different places.

Go through everything and get rid of all the old makeup.  Yes, makeup does go bad.  Usually, it will develop a bad smell.

Once all of the bad makeup is gone go through and pick out what you really use.

When decluttering my makeup I found old bottles of glitter from when I was a teenager!


5 – Declutter Your Shoes


Decluttering shoes is a great 10-minute project.

Gather all your shoes together in one place.

Look for the obvious like shoes that are worn out or broken.

Pick out the shoes you wear all the time and put those away.  Now go through everything that is left.

Ask yourself a few questions.  When is the last time I wore these? Do these shoes hurt my feet?

This decluttering project should be quick and easy!

In case you want more tips on how to declutter shoes I have a full post on that here.


Quick Decluttering Projects Conclusion

Hopefully, these 5 decluttering projects will get the ball rolling on your journey to owning less.

Unless you have a lot of stuff in all these categories it should be easy to accomplish these projects in under 10 minutes.  Just stay focused and know it won’t take long.

For more tips here are 6 quick tips to control clutter.


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