How To Declutter Clothes

how to declutter clothing

I finally figured out an easy way to declutter my clothes!  How to declutter clothes the easy way.

Have you ever tried to declutter your closet, but gave up because it was just TOO much.

Here are some simple steps to avoid overwhelm when decluttering.


1 – Visualize Your Decluttered Closet

Start by visualizing how you want your closet to look in the end.  How do you want your closet to work for you?

Think about how much room you actually have to work with.

By imagining the finished product it will be easier to see how much you can keep.

Try to map out where everything will go.  For instance, you will want a place for each type of clothing.

Pants together, shirts together, and so on.

Once you have this vision then you are ready for the next step.

declutter closet before

Here is my closet before I decluttered.

decluttering closet after

This is my closet after I decluttered several times.

Watch How to Let Go of Clothes:


2 – Get All Your Clothes

This step is easy!

Just make sure all of your clothes are in your drawers and closet.

This way you won’t overlook anything.


3 – Find What You Wear

Now, this might sound different from other advice out there.  Start by finding everything that you wear all the time.

Your favorite everyday outfits!

Set all of these aside or push them all to one side of the closet.

Since you know you love these items you don’t want to pull them out into the mix with everything else.

This will also help with overwhelm because you are sorting through less at one time.

decluttering clothing easy way


4 – Sort Rarely Worn Items

Go through and find all the items that you wear once in a while.  Pull these items out and make a pile.

This could be something you wear once a month or maybe every couple of months.


5 – Analyze the Rarely Worn Things

Why are you not wearing these things?  Think about the last time you wore an item in the pile.

Was it for a special occasion?  Maybe you don’t wear it because it doesn’t fit right?

If you are struggling to let go of these items imagine where you would wear the item next.

Can’t think of where you would wear the item, then it’s time to declutter it.

decluttering dresses


6 – Your Style How to Let Go of Clothes

Think about your style right now.  Sometimes we hold onto clothes that are no longer our style.

I have found over time my style of clothing has evolved and that is ok.  We change as we get older and I think our style can too.

Keeping things just because they use to be my style is a waste of space.  There was a time when I was really into wearing skirts.

Now I never wear skirts so I have donated them instead of waiting for the day that I might get back into skirts.

Knowing your style can really help with decluttering because you will be able to narrow it down to what you love.


7 – Deal with Everything Else

Now that you have gone through your rarely worn items it is time to go through everything that is left.

These items might be for special occasions or they could be something you thought you would wear but didn’t.

Again imagine where you would wear the item and is it worth space in your closet.

Something that pops to mind is a bridesmaid dress that I wore one time.  I saved it for years because it was so expensive.

Finally, I realized it wasn’t my style, and I would never choose to wear it to a fancy event.  I was keeping it because I had spent so much!

These are the items to let go of. 

decluttering clothes


8 – Sort and Organize

Of course, as you are sorting make sure it doesn’t get confusing.

I like to have 3 bins.  One for the items I no longer want, one for the things I am unsure of, and one for the things I want to keep.

This will make it easy to keep everything sorted.

As your decluttering pile gets larger move it out of the room so it is less overwhelming.

This will help in two ways, it will be less visually stimulating and it will help with the thought that you might be getting rid of too much.

Feeling guilty can slow down the decluttering process, read more on that here.

How to declutter without feeling guilty?  Are you are keeping something because you spent money on it? 

If this item is something you don’t use and doesn’t bring you joy, why would you feel like you should keep it?

If anything this item is only a reminder that you wasted your money.  This item is taking up valuable space in your home and reminding you of the mistake every time you see it. 

By decluttering the item you have learned your lesson and don’t have to think about the wasted money.


How To Let Go Of Clothes Conclusion


Hopefully, some of these decluttering tips were helpful.  This is what I did to go from an overstuffed wardrobe into a functioning minimalist wardrobe.

Just know that decluttering isn’t always fast.  It took me about a year to get my wardrobe exactly how I like it.

Another method of decluttering is the KonMari Method.  This is good but can be very overwhelming.

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how to declutter clothes

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