How to Get Rid of Cable and Still Watch TV

how to get rid of cable TV

Today I want to share how to get rid of cable and still watch TV.  About four years ago we decided that our cable bill was too high.  That is when I decided to cut to the cord.  Let me share how easy it is!

Cable TV is really expensive for what you get.  We were paying over $60 a month for one cable box with one TV in our home.

My mom was paying $257 a month.  This included several cable boxes and a home phone they never used because that bundle was supposedly cheaper.

Over the last four years, we have saved over $2880.  Just by cutting the cable!

My mom even with her alternative subscription options is saving $129 a month and $1548 a year.

One small change can save you a lot of money!

Watch our cable cutting story here:


How to get rid of cable and still watch TV


I was fed up with our local cable company constantly raising our bill.  No matter how many times I called to complain they still raised the price.

This is when I decided we could live without cable TV altogether.

I started by calling up and disconnecting our cable service so we were only paying for the internet.

We still wanted to watch TV so I invested in a cheap wall antenna.  I do not recommend this.

Yes, they are affordable, but not worth the hassle. 

The channels were very limited and would get fuzzy.  Also, nothing looks worse than a huge cord running across your living room.

get rid of cable


Good Internet


Make sure you call around and get a good deal on internet service.  Sometimes there is an introductory rate that will go up over time.

Just pay attention to your bill and call around if this happens.

There are always good competitors willing to make a deal.  All of these alternate cable ideas require the internet.


Alternative Cable TV Options


After years of using the antenna and a Netflix subscription, we found out about Roku.

Roku is amazing!  There is a one-time fee to buy the Roku device and then it’s free after that. 

You simply hook this to your television and now you can get all of the free Roku channels and any apps you decide to download.


TV Subscriptions


If you need to have all of the local channels I would suggest Hulu Plus.  This is way more affordable than cable depending on how many TVs you have in your home.

There is also a free app that we use through Roku called Locast and that will give you all the local channels for free.

The only drawback is there are commercials for their app in the middle of shows.


Other Alternative Cable TV Options


  • Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast
  • Roku Channel (our Favorite)
  • Sony Crackle
  • Pluto.TV

Paid Streaming Services


  • Disney Plus – We love this because it is so affordable and we have kids.
  • Hulu Plus – This is great if you like to watch a lot of TV and want to feel like you still have cable TV.
  • Netflix – There are a lot of great shows on here and once we have watched everything we will take a break for a few months and then sign up again when new shows are added.
  • Amazon Prime
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

Quitting Cable TV Conclusion


I hope this gave you some inspiration to save some money and quit cable TV.  There is an adjustment period as we learned how to use everything, but after that it was easy.

After four years we have never once regretted quitting cable.  Here is a good article to see if cutting the cable is for you.


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get rid of cable and still watch TV

4 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Cable and Still Watch TV”

  1. I took your suggestion and cut the cable bill down our bill was $260 a month and Now we pay $120 for just internet (we need the highest speed with 3 people doing virtual learning and 2 working from home). We bought a Roku box and WE LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

    1. SHANNON

      Yay! You are saving so much! Thank you for sharing this because it made writing this post completely worth the time.

  2. Kathy

    It’s been 2 month now without cable and we love it. We have more choices to watch than before and we love saving the money. This new savings will cover the increase in my Homeowners Insurance that just happened. It gives and takes away!

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