Decluttering and Organizing Towels and Closets

declutter and organize towels and closets

A little while ago my mom asked me to come over and help her declutter some of her stuff.  We ended up decluttering and organizing towels and closets.


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Closet Declutter Tips:

In the closet, we decluttered quite a few things that most people overlook. 

We started by pulling out all the jackets that no one has worn in a long time.  Jackets are one of those things that we tend to hang on to even though we don’t wear them. 

In reality, most of us have one jacket that we wear over and over.  All the extra ones can be donated.

After the jackets, we pulled out a lot of art.  Again art is something that we normally pay a lot of money for so we feel we must hold onto it.  If you haven’t hung certain pieces of art year after year then it can go.  It is unlikely I am going to hang up a piece of art that has been sitting in my closet for 5 or more years.


Closet Organization Tips:

I can’t go into too much detail because I have no idea what your closet looks like, but I can give a great general suggestion. 

Organize your closet with your most-used items where they are easiest to grab.  Put all of the “out of season” and “once in a while” items towards the back of the closet or to the side. 

Make your closet work for your life.  The whole point of decluttering is to make your life easier and simple.

Another rule I usually follow is to declutter anything that you have not used in the last 5 years.  It is safe to say if you haven’t used something in 5 years it is ok to let it go.


Towel Declutter Tips:

When my mom came to the towel declutter she asked me how many she should keep.  It can be hard to get rid of towels because it feels like you can never have enough. 

What if there was an emergency? and I need a towel! 

The problem I find is if I keep too many towels my cupboard looks like a giant mess and everyone constantly grabs a new towel for everything.  I have come up with a simple equation. 

Two towels for each person in our home plus 2 extra towels for a possible guest.  By limiting the towels I can fit everything into our linen closet with little effort.  We can easily make it through a week with one or two towels and then we are forced to do laundry.

Also a quick note: we have never run out of towels, so don’t be afraid to downsize the towel collection.


Decluttering and Organizing Conclusion:

By decluttering my mom’s closet she gained a lot of space and is way more organized. 

Even though she had the space for more towels she feels a lot better donating the towels that were never used. 

We were able to donate the towels to an animal shelter so they will go to good use.

Also, the clutter that is hidden in a cupboard can be just as annoying as the clutter we see.  Hidden clutter is still clutter, eventually, we have to deal with it.


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