Inspiring a Declutter

Last Saturday I grabbed my camera and did a quick live stream declutter video for my YouTube channel.  Little did I know it would be inspiring a declutter for someone else!

Ever since we got back from our trip to Zion, I had been thinking of some items I wanted to declutter.  These were some clothing items that I had not worn in over a year. 

I know it had been a year because I had made my first ever declutter video and those were the items I had kept “in case” I was going to wear them.  Well, a year flew by and I did not wear the items so they had to go.

My mom had watched my video and was inspired to clean out some items from her closet that she had not worn in over a year.  She filmed this declutter video and sent it to me.  I was so surprised because she likes to hold onto things for a long time.  Her video was so funny I had to share it.



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My mom went through her wardrobe and tried everything on to see if she should keep it longer.  In the end, she decided to get rid of all these items that were clogging up her closet.

How to get Inspired to Declutter

There are so many ways to get inspired to declutter your home!

Some of my favorite ways are to:

  • Watch a video on YouTube of someone decluttering or organizing
  • Read some blog posts about declutter tips and tricks
  • Go on Pinterest and look up some organizing photos
  • Think about how you want your home to function and look
  • Open a closet and pull out the obvious things you never use (this can get the ball rolling)
  • Pretend you are moving and think about what you would bring with you.  Get rid of everything else.


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