Declutter Motivation 8 Tips to Get Motivated Now!

declutter motivation


It can be hard to get into the mood to declutter.  Here are 8 tips to get some declutter motivation going!

If you are not in the mood to declutter then it can be hard to make progress.  That is probably how the clutter got into your home, to begin with!

A simple lack of motivation to want to deal with all the stuff.  Fear not, here are some great ways to get in the mood to declutter.


Declutter Motivation 8 Tips


1 – Read Some Decluttering Books


Reading books on decluttering or simple living can help you get into the mood to clean out your stuff.

Another reason reading books can help is they will give you some great ideas on where and how to start decluttering.

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2 – Watch Someone Declutter


There are SO many videos on youtube with people decluttering.  It can be very motivating to see a before and after clip of someone decluttering.

The video starts out with mess and clutter and chaos everywhere and ends with an organized home.

Besides the motivation of seeing a before and after scene, it can also be helpful to see how different people declutter. 

There are a lot of different ways and this is a great way to see what could work for you.


Decluttering Motivation Video:


3 – Design Your Clear Space

Envision how you want your clutter-free space to look.

Draw a sketch of your room and map out how you want your furniture. 

Finding some pictures online could help get you motivated too.  Knowing that once the clutter is gone it will be easier to decorate and organize your home.


minimalist living


4 – How You Feel

Think about how you want to feel in your home.  Most people want to feel calm and inspired or maybe relaxed.

Write down how you want your home to make you feel.

This can help to motivate you to declutter and get rid of what is holding you from this feeling.


decluttering closet after


5 – Get the Ball Rolling


Once you get the ball rolling it is easier to carry on decluttering more and more.

Just start with a small easy area in your home.  Pick one drawer or one bag of stuff that is crammed in the corner of your room.

Go through and declutter what you can!

Try this because it really works.  Everything in bite-size pieces is easier than thinking about the whole project at once.


6 – Ask For Help Decluttering

When all else fails ask for some help.  This could be a professional organizer or a friend who loves decluttering.

Sometimes we get held up on little things or sentimental things and having a friend to move the process along can really help.


decluttering clothing easy way


7 – Make Time

Make some time to declutter.  The odds of having a whole week to declutter your home are rare.

Set aside 10 to 15 minutes every day and go through what you can during that time. 

It is surprising how much can be decluttered in only a few minutes. 

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!  It’s the same with decluttering.


8 – Make Money

Let money motivate you!  A lot of things that are sitting in your garage could be worth something.

Think about all the money you could make by decluttering.  Let that be a way to get motivated.

There are a lot of apps and ways to sell things very easily.  Yes, a lot of stuff is worth nothing, but it can be very motivating to think it could be worth even a few dollars.

Plan a garage sale and let that motivate you.  Just make sure everything that doesn’t sell gets picked up by a thrift store.


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8 motivational tips to declutter right now

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