Helping My Mom Declutter

Helping declutter with my mom

Today I am sharing how I am helping my mom declutter.  I have helped my mom declutter several times in the past and today is no different.

My mom explained to me her decluttering dilemma.  It turned out she had a few drawers to go through, but mostly she had a lot of drawers with only a few items in them.  Not only did we declutter, be we also needed to organize!

Helping My Mom Declutter Expensive Bras

We started this decluttering project by assessing the situation.  It turned out she had a whole dresser that she didn’t need.  We emptied every drawer in this bedroom dresser.

My first suggestion was to remove everything that didn’t belong in that room.  There was a drawer full of outdated camera equipment and another drawer with artwork.  It is best to start with the easiest task.

Always start with the items that are the easiest to declutter.

We quickly moved onto her expensive bra collection.  Everyone seems to struggle when it comes to getting rid of expensive items.  My mom explained that she never ever wears these bras (some of them hurt or don’t fit), but because they were expensive she wasn’t sure what to do.

I would ask yourself this simple question, “if I know I will never wear this, then why am I keeping it?”

After my mom realized she was not going to use any of the bras she decided to donate them.

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Decluttering Socks

We quickly moved onto an over stuffed sock drawer.  At first my mom was hesitant to deal with the socks.  She explained it was, “too much work.”

It is always easier to keep decluttering when you are on a roll.  Decluttering the whole drawer only took 10 minutes!

If you are having a hard time deciding how many to keep, give yourself a limit.  Think about how often you do laundry and then keep that many days worth of socks.  She ended up keeping warm winter socks, a few pairs of dressy socks and some workout socks.

In the end she was super happy we took the time to get the sock decluttering out of the way.

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Decluttering Scarves

The last drawer we decluttered was the scarf drawer.  She was hesitant to get rid of the scarves because she might need them “just in case.”

I am all for keeping just in case items if you have used them in the last year or two.  If there are items that you have never worn or if it has been more than two years then I don’t think it will “all of a sudden” come in handy.

Once we talked through why she was hanging onto the scarves, it was much easier for her to let them go.

Helping My Mom Declutter Video

Getting Organized

The next step was to get organized.  This was very simple in my mom’s case because she already had a lot of half empty drawers.

Group similar items together with the most used items in the most accessible areas.  We moved the artwork into a different closet and all the camera stuff was decluttered.  All of the off season clothing was put into the lowest drawer.

In the end we were able to clean out an entire dresser!

I hope this gives you some decluttering inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “Helping My Mom Declutter”

  1. Kathy

    It’s so much more fun clearing out my closet and drawers with a helper. If I’m on my own, I pull it all out and stuff it all back and walk away!

    1. SHANNON

      It is always more fun too!

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