Decluttering and How Often You Should Declutter

how often you should declutter


Today I am talking about decluttering and how often you should declutter your home.  We have decluttered everything in our home. 

A few years ago I became fed up with the number of items in our home and decided I wanted to live a more minimalist life.

Just because you have decluttered once does not mean your home will stay decluttered forever. 

Unless you never shopped or accepted anything ever again.  Never shopping is not practical especially with a growing family.

No matter how strict I am there are always items coming into our home. 

I don’t stress about the items I just allow a limited amount to come in knowing that I will declutter an item in its place.

I think it is a really good idea to declutter your home at least 4 times a year.  This doesn’t have to take a long time.


Decluttering Tips

  • Pay attention to what you use and what you don’t.
  • Keep in mind the items that are worn out or broken.
  • Analyze what is working in your home and what isn’t.


We moved into our current home about 5 months ago and with any change, there will be items that don’t translate into the new space. 

As I have been slowly setting up our home I have been keeping in mind what is working and what isn’t.  I found about 5 items that I know we won’t be using in our new home.

Simple things like shelves that are too small and a small hanging planter.  Instead of forcing these items to work in our new home, I decided to let them go.

This season I spent about 15 minutes looking through each room and finding the items I know we didn’t use. 

I was able to find about 15 items!  That is pretty good for a minimalist family.

Donation Pile


I like to gather all of the decluttered items in one place so I can see exactly how much room they will take up. 

Fifteen items don’t seem like a lot until you see it all piled together.  I just imagine if I had 3 more piles that size, it would fill up a whole closet.

In the video below you can see my explanation of why I am decluttering each item and some tips about donation locations. 


Declutter With Me Video


By decluttering 4 times a year we are able to stay clutter-free.  If you have been decluttering, yet your home still feels cluttered make sure you read this post about 20 items that are making your home look cluttered

If you can’t seem to find time to declutter check out this article about 10 easy ways to find time to declutter.

Decluttering maintenance can be so quick if you use the tips I stated above just see what I did with the rest of my day.



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