What Changed After I Decluttered My Kid’s Stuff

What changed after I decluttered all the kid stuff?  As a stay at home mom all of the toys, clothes, and “kids stuff” can be overwhelming.  Today I am going to share what happened to me, the mom after I decluttered all the extra stuff.  There have been so many positive changes! 

Hopefully, this might inspire you to live a more decluttered life. 

I decluttered all of the kid’s clothes and toys.  This took a while, but we only kept what they loved. 

Going to a capsule wardrobe was a complete game-changer with the number of kids’ clothes.  I also realized my boys loved their toys more once we donated all the toys they didn’t play with! 

Of course, this was a lot of work so luckily I found some awesome benefits too!



I gained so much time.  When we had a lot of unnecessary stuff I was doing a lot of unnecessary shuffling of junk. 

I would move stuff from one place to another trying to get more room in our home.  Once I cleaned all of the clutter out I realized just how much time I was wasting on this “organizing”.

Since I have more time I have been able to get creative again.  As a creative person, I found clutter, cleaning up, and put things away really got in the way of my creative flow. 

Now that we have less, I don’t find myself constantly picking up!

“Bringing your message to the world does not begin on the main stage. It starts at home. In the kitchen. At your desk. On your cluttered computer. You need to clear your life of distractions, not perfectly, but enough so that there’s room for you to create.” Says Jeff Goins

Once the clutter started to go my creativity started to grow!


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I decided everyone needed a capsule wardrobe.  Why can’t kids also have a capsule wardrobe

I narrowed down my boy’s wardrobe to around 10 shirts, pants, and shorts.  Yes, it is easier with boys because they don’t have dresses and skirts, but it can still be done for girls too. 

I also separate their clothes into seasons so we don’t have to store everything for the whole year in their drawers.

What changed for me? I don’t have to do as much laundry! 

Someone asked isn’t the same amount of loads?  No, it is way less. 

Now at the end of the week I know I have to wash all of their clothes, if I don’t they won’t have anything to wear. 

Since there aren’t that many clothes I can usually put both of my son’s clothes with my clothes and do one load.

The reason there are fewer loads is that if you have more clothes you will wear them and it is easy for the laundry to get out of hand. 

Having less clothing to choose from also cuts down on the amount of time spent picking out an outfit.  There is also more room in the drawers and closets.


More space

We have way more space!  After decluttering my children could actually share a room. 

When the idea popped in my head for my boys to share a room I immediately thought there would be no way they could both fit in one room. 

Now that we have less stuff they easily fit.  Again this is less work for me!  Now I only have one room to tidy. 

We also gained an entire room, so now I have a guest room/art room.


declutter kid stuff


Enjoy Playing

Now I can really enjoy playing with my children.  I use to always think, don’t take too much out! 

The thought of putting a ton of toys away wasn’t fun, but now I know it will be easy to clean up.  Having fewer toys has allowed us to get more creative and they seem to play with one item for a long.  It is so easy to clean up from playing. 

Imagine every toy you own has been dumped out. 

How long would that take you to clean?  At most, it’s around 10 minutes for us.



The way I think about holidays and gifts has completely changed.  I use to always feel as though the number of gifts mattered. 

Christmas always stressed me out because I felt I needed to buy a lot of stuff for them to open.  Never mind what they were actually needing. 

Now I only buy my children one to two gifts for birthdays and holidays.  I normally look for things they need and one fun gift. 

I have been giving fewer gifts for about 2 years now and no one noticed!

This new way of gifting has relieved the stress.  I also spend less time searching around trying to find things for the sake of them having a thing to open.

More Relaxed

I feel more relaxed when it comes to tidying and keeping my home organized.  I also realized my home looks so much nicer without all of the clutter on every surface. 

With a clean clutter-free home I am able to spend more time doing what I enjoy and less time putting things away.  I have noticed we can get out of the house much quicker than we could before. 

Now every item has a place so it is easy to find what we need.

I am trying to set an example for my children that more doesn’t always mean better.  We can have just as much fun without a ton of stuff.

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