10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

10 easy ways to find time to declutter

Decluttering can be extremely overwhelming!  Today I am sharing 10 easy ways to find time to declutter.  We all have busy lives and decluttering is very far down on our list of things to do.

It is much more fun to leave the house and deal with the disaster later, but by decluttering you will help avoid the disaster altogether.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be slotted into your everyday life.  Here are 10 different ways to find a little time to declutter.

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1. Pick a Time To Declutter

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

Pick a time during your day when you are home and set an alarm.  Every day declutter everything you can in a 10 or 20-minute span of time.  When the alarm goes off start decluttering. 

It can help to set a timer so you are only decluttering for the allotted amount of time.  During your timed declutter don’t do anything else.  Turn off the TV, mute or hide your phone, remove all distractions.  Run around grabbing everything you don’t need.  Eventually, you will be decluttered!


2. Donation Box

Set up a donation box.  Keep this box in an accessible area where you will be reminded to declutter every time you pass by.  Every time you see the box grab something you don’t need and fill up the box.  Make sure you donate the items regularly because it is hard to fill a box that is already full.


3. 5 Items a Day

Find 5 items you don’t need in your house every day.  If this is your first time decluttering this should be easy.  Go for obvious items to start.

Anything broke ripped or stained.  Pick the easiest time to find the items or maybe find things throughout the whole day.  By making sure you have 5 items gone every day in a month you will have donated 150 items.

That amount should make a big difference in the look of your home.


4. Wake up 10 minutes Earlier

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

By waking up 10 minutes earlier every day you have just added an extra 10 minutes to your decluttering efforts.  This adds up to about 60 hours a year.  60 hours is plenty of time to declutter your whole house.

You could also go to bed 10 minutes later in the evening.  Chose what time of the day is better for decluttering for you and go with that.


5. Ask for Help With The Declutter

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

I had a friend ask me to help her declutter.  This was a lot of fun for me since I really like decluttering and she needed the extra push to get it done.  With the two of us working together and focusing on just her bedroom we were able to get it done in a few hours.


6. Start Small

It is easy to get overwhelmed when decluttering.  Pick a small area to declutter.  For instance, it might be too overwhelming to declutter the whole kitchen at one time, so just pick one drawer.

Pick one area every week or every day and chip away at the clutter.  It is surprising how small steps lead to big improvements.


7. Designate a Week For Decluttering

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

If you have time to take off work it might make sense to just jump right in and tackle the clutter head-on.  This will be the fastest way to see big results.  Go through one room at a time and declutter the entire room before moving on to the next section.

By decluttering one room completely you know you won’t be missing any areas.


8. Make a List To Save Time

Make a list of the areas you know need decluttering the most.  Prioritize your list from easiest to the hardest area to declutter.  Start with the easiest area to declutter.

This will get the ball rolling.  Once you realize how long it takes you to declutter an area then schedule your listed areas into your calendar.  By setting a date on the calendar you are much more likely to actually declutter your house.


9. Hire Someone

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

Yes, you are the only one who can really declutter your things.  Someone else would have no idea what you want to keep, but you can hire someone to help you clean up the mess.  You could hire someone to watch your kids while you focus on decluttering.

There are organizational companies that do nothing but organize homes.  This would be a great way to get organized while you declutter.


10. Pretend Moving

10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

Pretend like you are moving.  When you move you make time to pack up your entire life in one or two days.  Imagine you are packing to move and think of all the items you want to keep.

Anything that you wouldn’t want to move throw in a to-go box.  If you could pack up for a move in a few days or weeks you could also pack up things to declutter.  Give decluttering some urgency with an end date.  Sometimes having a deadline makes it easier to get something done.

Hopefully one of these 10 ways to find more time to declutter ideas resonated with you.  All of these are very easy ways to find a few extra minutes each day to declutter.  The benefits of living in a clutter-free home will outweigh all of the time spent decluttering.

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10 Easy Ways To Find Time To Declutter

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