Decluttering Kids Toys – Fall Declutter

Decluttering Kids Toys - Fall Declutter

Today I am sharing our decluttering kids toys – Fall declutter.  At the end of every season, I like to evaluate how many toys we have.  Fall is a great time to declutter toys because there will be more coming in for Christmas.

Toys and kid-related items seem to slip into our house unnoticed.  The other day we went to a local event where they were handing out prizes.  My inner minimalist was screaming, “that is not coming into our house.”

Instead of freaking out, I allow the little junk items to enter our house.  In my boy’s room, we have one bin that houses random toys and these junk-type items.  After a few weeks, my boys tend to forget all about these prizes and I can go in and declutter them.

This way of thinking allows my boys to bring home whatever they want (within reason).  It’s a win-win situation.  They get their prizes and I can declutter once they no longer care about it.


Fall Declutter

We have our toys separated into four different bins.  The nice thing about having this ‘random toys bin’, is knowing where to go when I need to declutter.

A seasonal declutter should be extremely fast and easy.  Just pull out the items that you know your kids aren’t playing with or anything that has crept into the house.  Also known as Junk Toys!

I wrote a longer post on how to do a seasonal declutter here.


Tips and Tricks

Make 3 piles; keep, donate, trash

Don’t be upset if most of the decluttering is trash, not everything can be donated.

Try to do this declutter quickly, usually around 5 to 10 minutes.

Since it is Fall and there is usually a lot going on, try to do this seasonal declutter before Thanksgiving or mid-November.

Smile! You just simplified your life BEFORE the holidays!


Watch Decluttering Kids Toys – Fall Declutter


By decluttering the toys seasonally we are able to stay more minimal and stress-free.  Decluttering in Fall is especially important.

I know we will be receiving gifts for Christmas and I want our home to stay clutter-free.


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Decluttering Kids Toys - Fall Declutter


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