What Is A Seasonal Declutter?

Seasonal Declutter

What Is A Seasonal Declutter?

A seasonal declutter is a good way to keep your home clutter-free.  This is for someone who has already decluttered their home.  A simple clutter maintenance plan.

At the end of every season pick one day to declutter.  Look around your home and find the items you are no longer using.  This is an excellent way to keep your home clutter-free forever.

Seasonal Declutter

As each season comes to an end I like to pick one day to declutter.  This is a quick scan of each room in your home, not a full intense declutter.  To see how we decluttered everything in our lives you can watch our Decluttering Results video on our minimalist youtube channel.

A seasonal declutter should only take about an hour or two, go into a room and think about what you didn’t use.  Let’s use my bedroom for an example.  In my bedroom, I only have my bed, side tables, and our closet with clothes.

Since I use a capsule wardrobe I know exactly what I have and what I wear, but I also know there are a few items that are looking worn out.  This is the time to pull out those worn items and either donate or recycle them.

By going room to room in one day you will quickly clean out obvious items.  In the kitchen, I like to look through my food and check the expiration dates.  Throw away expired items or use them before it’s too late.

Think simple and fast!

Watch Save Money With a Seasonal Declutter

Schedule The Declutter

The most important thing is to remember to actually declutter each season.  So many things enter our homes in three months’ time, even for us “minimalists”.  The best thing you can do is schedule the seasonal declutter.

At the beginning of the year pick a day at the end of each season and just write declutter on the calendar.  Even if you don’t declutter on this particular day you will still be more likely to declutter at the end of the season.

This is something I look forward to!  By getting rid of the unnecessary items that infiltrated our home I am making space for the things that really matter.

Set A Timer

Everyone knows, more gets done within a time limit.  Why? I don’t know, but trust me it works.  Set a timer for at least one hour and focus on decluttering.

Hide all the distractions, aka my phone.  Turn off the TV and all noise and focus. 

This declutter should take you around an hour.  If it takes a lot longer than an hour, you might not be in the maintenance stage yet.  Which is fine, but decluttering something is better than nothing.

Basket Method

Have a box, bin, or bag to collect your items.  I like to use my laundry basket.  Sliding my basket room to room collecting unwanted treasures.

Right now you are gathering things.  Don’t overthink it.  If there is an inkling that you don’t need the item put it in the basket.  After you are done you can sort through the basket.

I’ve written about how we decluttered our home, where I outlined 5 simple tips to get started.  These tips will help with a more in-depth declutter.

Save Money

Decluttering saves money!  Every item in our home represents money spent.  After I declutter an item I analyze whether I felt this item was necessary.

Was this something I really needed or wanted?  I know in the past I would shop for fun.  Consequently, buying clothes and decor because I thought it was pretty.

Decluttering made me realize a lot of these items were never needed in the first place, which has changed how I shop now.

I now shop in a completely different way.  For instance, always making a list and thinking about what I need or want ahead of time, waiting on items that are not necessary, and no more shopping for fun. 

More importantly, if you hate decluttering and organizing, shop less. 

"if you hate decluttering and organizing, shop less"

Seasonal Declutter Results

The seasonal declutter is a game-changer.  Here are 5 benefits!

  1. Less decluttering day today.  By doing a focused declutter four times a year I notice I don’t have to declutter that much in the time between seasons.
  2. We stay more organized.  I never understood why I couldn’t keep certain areas organized, it turned out we had too much stuff.  If you think you might not have enough space stop and check to see if you have too much stuff.
  3. We can focus on fun.
  4. Save more money.  Buying less = Declutter Less
  5. Knowing what we have in our home.


By seasonally decluttering you will stay clutter-free and enjoy many benefits.  How do you stay clutter free?

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