10 Declutter Habits That Will Transform Your Home

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Today I am sharing 10 declutter habits that transformed my home over the last few years. Welcome to a journey of transformation where clutter becomes a thing of the past, and your home evolves into a haven of peace and order. Over the last few years, I’ve embarked on a decluttering adventure that has not only simplified my living space but also enhanced my overall well-being.

Today, I’m excited to share with you the ten declutter habits that have played a pivotal role in reshaping my home and my life.


1 Analyze how much something is “actually” getting used.

If something isn’t adding value or is rarely used, consider parting ways with it to make room for what truly matters.  I am using the word “actually” because I think we tend to keep a lot of things that get a little use once in a while, but that we can probably do without.

For instance, I had several jackets that I have used in the past and could use in the future, but how many jackets do I really need?  Especially when I take into account that I live in a warm climate.

This way of thinking can apply to every area of our homes.  I especially like to use this way of thinking when it comes to my kitchen. 

For instance how many spatulas do I “actually” need?  Just because I might use them all at one point during a year does that mean I really need them all?

I know if I haven’t used something in over a year I can safely let it go. 

closet before and after

2 Just in case items

Letting go of the “just in case” mentality is liberating. Holding onto items for hypothetical scenarios contributes to unnecessary clutter. Trust in your ability to adapt and acquire what you need when the time comes.

I was holding onto 3 dresses and a fancy jacket “just in case.”  All these items had been worn in the past and I liked them. But when I stopped and thought about these items I realized they fell into the “just in case” category.

First off none of these items fit me now, secondly, I haven’t worn them in over 2 years maybe 3.  It is a no-brainer that I can let them go at this point.

Declutter kids room

3 Set a limit 

Establishing limits for the number of items in specific categories prevents excess accumulation. Whether it’s books, clothing, or kitchen utensils, setting realistic limits helps maintain a balanced and clutter-free environment.

I love to set a limit using bins.  We have a certain size bin for my kid’s lego, trains, Duplo, and costumes.  Once we hit the limit and the bin is full we won’t be adding anything more. 

I have a bin for my sentimental items and I don’t want to keep any extra that can’t fit into that bin.  To stay within my limit I make sure to go through everything regularly and make sure we still want to keep everything.

move stuff

4 Declutter Regularly.

When I see something that doesn’t fit my kids anymore or something looks really worn out I declutter it right away.  This happens as I go through my normal day and routine.

Let’s say I just did a load of laundry and I am putting it away and now I find something that looks way too small.  I will pull that item out right away and add it to my declutter bin.  No longer do I wait to declutter things on a “declutter day”. 

This applies to everything too.  If I see something broken I throw it away in that moment.  Clutter seems to accumulate when we put off these decisions to a later date.

Make decluttering a consistent practice rather than a sporadic event. Regular sessions, even if brief, prevent clutter from reaching overwhelming levels and make the process more manageable.


5 Declutter My Clothes Right Away

If I put on a piece of clothing and find myself taking it off because I don’t like the way it fits or I realize it never seems to go with anything else I declutter it right away instead of hanging it back up.

As soon as I realize a piece of clothing no longer suits my style or needs, I remove it from my wardrobe. This proactive approach keeps my closet organized and makes it easier to identify items I truly love and wear regularly.

The benefit is I have a clutter-free closet that makes getting dressed a lot easier. 

decluttering clothes

6 Declutter More Than Once

High-traffic areas or spaces prone to clutter buildup deserve extra attention.  I like to declutter the same area several times throughout the year.

The first time I declutter a certain place I will usually find all the obvious things that need to go. But on the second or third round of decluttering, I always find more and it seems to be easier to let of things that I was previously unsure of.

I have found this especially helpful in our garage and the hall closets.  Places where more items are stored away and not used as often.


7 Donation Box

Keep a donation box easily accessible in your home. Whenever you come across items that no longer serve you, immediately place them in the donation box. This habit streamlines the decluttering process and ensures items find new homes quickly.

I have a box ready to put all my “donation items” into. I keep it in my closet so it’s really easy to toss things in.  Then when the box is full or I know I am going by the donation location I can drop it off.

declutter quote4

8 Seasonal Decluttering

Every season when I am refreshing my home and decor I like to focus on what I used the previous season and look for things I don’t want anymore.  A really good example is Christmas decor.  There are usually a handful of decorations I don’t use each year and I like to take an extra second to decide if I want to store them away for the next year.

Seasonal decluttering also applies to my clothes.  As I am switching around my clothes from summer to winter or visversa I take a few minutes to reflect on what I wore and what can go.


9 Deal With Incoming Stuff

I deal with anything that comes into our home right away. 

This is usually Mail, kids’ art projects, and school papers.  But it can apply to everything. I don’t have a holding area for any of this.

Immediately I decide whether are we keeping it or is it being recycled. If we keep it then it needs to go where it will live, either filed away (if necessary) in a memory box/binder or the kids desks.

When the mail comes in I open it right away and I either recycle it (if it’s junk) or I take it to my office and do whatever I need to with it and then file it or recycle it. 

paper clutter with kids

10 Everything Has a Place

The key to an organized home is assigning a specific home to each item. When everything has a designated place, it becomes second nature to return items to their rightful spots, maintaining order effortlessly.

The great thing about having a place for everything is it helps us to stay clutter free.  Before I go shopping I think where would this new item live and if I can’t think of a place then I won’t buy it. 


Declutter Habits Conclusion

These ten declutter habits I’ve adopted over the years aren’t just tricks for tidying up; they’re game-changers that have fundamentally shifted the vibe in my living space. It’s not just about tossing out things; it’s about keeping what matters, what I genuinely need and love. No more keeping things “just in case,” either. Now, if I don’t use it regularly or it doesn’t bring me joy, it’s out.

Setting limits for each category might sound a bit strict, but it’s like setting boundaries with possessions. It’s made me more intentional about what I bring into my space. And regular decluttering? It’s not this massive, daunting task anymore.

It’s become a habit, like brushing my teeth. Just a little bit every now and then, and it keeps things in check.In wrapping up, these declutter habits aren’t about perfection.

They’re about creating a home that reflects who I am and what I value. It’s a journey, not a destination. So, here’s to less stuff, more space, and a home that feels like a true sanctuary. Cheers to the ongoing adventure of living clutter-free!

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  1. Karen

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I feel like I’m finally at a place for regular maintenance decluttering.
    The decluttering more than once idea is so good. I often find I need to revisit areas several times. Each time I find something I’m just not using or loving anymore. I appreciate your blog and channel so much because you keep me motivated (and laughing with you and your mom!). Take care!

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