bathroom renovations before and after

Bathroom Renovation Before and After

Today I am sharing our bathroom renovation before and after. 

We are finally done with our bathroom renovation.  We spent a lot of time and worked really hard to fix this bathroom.  Today I am sharing our bathroom renovation before and after.  This bathroom renovation started because I saw a small piece of paint sticking off the wall.  I decided to pull on the paint and the next thing I knew a giant piece of paint peeled off!  Little did I know at the time this would lead us to redo the entire bathroom.
We started by peeling all of the paint off the walls, that alone tool forever!  The owners before us had painted the walls with oil based paint that nothing would stick to.  After we peeled off all of the oil based paint we sanded the walls.  Then we wiped the walls down so the new paint would stick.  This is a small bathroom so I decided a bright white would make it look a lot larger.
We then removed the toilet and plastic flooring.  We tiled, made a whole new cabinet, Grant made the concrete counter top, put in a new light fixture, moved the electric switch, new mirror and frame, and new toilet.  Everything in this bathroom renovation before and after project was from Home Depot, I find they are the most affordable.
This took a long time, but it turned out great.

Bathroom Renovation Before and After

Peeling the paint took the longest!

Bathroom Renovations

Black and White Bathroom Before and after
Comment below and let me know if you have ever done a bathroom renovation before and after project.  I always love to see the end product!

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Bathroom renovations before and after

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