I love the way I feel in a home with simple cozy decor.  You don’t need a lot of stuff to make your home feel warm and cozy.

Decorating isn’t always easy! Especially for someone who is trying to be more minimal.  It feels like adding decorations to your house is doing the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.  So I am here to share 8 minimalist decor ideas that help bring life and light into your house without bringing a bunch of knick knacks.

I feel torn because I want to be minimal, but I also like to feel cozy so to me the perfect balance is a cozy minimalist.  You have everything that makes you comfy and cozy without all of the junk. 


First remove extra shelves or furniture pieces that serve no purpose but to set little dodads on.  We were able to get rid of 2 extra shelves off of our cabinet and guess what? that is 2 extra places I don’t have to put things on.  Can you hang your TV? then why not?  We finally did this and now we have a lot of extra room in our living room and we don’t have to dust a TV stand.


Get some real plants!  There are so many different types of indoor plants and most of them are very easy to take care of.  I always thought all plants needed a lot of light and care, but turns out most of them don’t need much attention or light at all.  Plants bring in fresh air and they make any room much more colorful and alive.


Baskets and boxes made out of natural fibers will bring texture into your home.  Anything with texture makes a room feel more sophisticated and rich.  Also a basket or box can keep unsightly things put away so your house looks clean and tidy.


Pillows with pillow covers are a great way to update a space very easily.  This way when you get sick of your pink theme you can trade them in for a different accent color without having to change your entire room.  Having a neutral room with accent colors saves money when you decide to make a change.


A simple throw blanket can really dress a room up!  Drape it over a couch or an old chair and the whole room looks nicer.  Plus a throw blanket comes in handy when you are getting cozy in the winter.



Mirrors make every room double in size, if you don’t believe me, try it.  You won’t want to take the mirror down!  As soon as a mirror goes up in a room, it is hard to imagine the room without it.  Because the mirror is reflecting inside and outside light it makes every room so much brighter and larger.  Who doesn’t want their house to look brighter and larger? 


Now most minimalists would say paint your house white, and I agree white is a great color that goes with everything, but I like statement walls.  Paint is such a personal choice, I say go with what makes you happy.

I personally like grays, whites and statement blues.  The worst thing you can do in life is be afraid of paint.  Don’t keep something a certain color because someone might not like it, just try out what you are imagining and if you don’t like it change it.


I like the look of candles and twinkle lights to make my house look cozy at night.  I know this might not be super minimalist of me but I have a set of fake candles, and I love that they come on every night right at the correct time.  Candles and low light really make a home feel cozy at night and get your eyes ready for bed.


Minimalist Decor – Nice and Cozy!

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I hope some of these tips were helpful.  Let me know in the comments, What are your minimalist decor tips?

Happy Decorating!



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