The Best Way To Organize Kid’s Games & Crafts

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to organize kid’s games and crafts.

We don’t have a designated kids’ play area and if we aren’t careful their games and crafts can take over the whole house. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to organize kids’ games and crafts.

In our kitchen, we have 2 cupboards that are the perfect place for games and crafts.  There aren’t any toys in this area.  I like the toys to be in the kid’s rooms, but the games and crafts are something we like to do as a family.

This organizing project is purely for very selfish reasons.  I wanted everything to look nice, but I was surprised by how the organized area affected the kids.

After everything was organized and put away, I told my boys I expected them to keep everything nice.  Guess What? So far they have been putting everything away and keeping the area tidy!

Now that everything is organized and put into certain categories they have been excited to use all of their crafts and games.  So a little organizing goes a long way!

Get Started Decluttering

Pull everything out, I mean everything!  Now that everything is out, clean the area.  Well, that is what I did.

I thought, let’s just clean while we can.  It is so rare that I can wipe off the shelf with nothing on it.

My strategy is to only keep what my boys use.  I like that they can get the games and projects out on their own.  The more they can do the less I have to do.

I also find they are so much happier when they can accomplish something on their own.  If MOM is involved it feels like they are being told what to do.

I quickly went through the pile of crafts and games and sectioned them by category.  Going through anything is easier once it has been piled with like items.

organize games

Organize By Category

Organize Games

Once I had all of the games in one section I decided, what to keep and what to get rid of.  All of our games are relatively new.

Keep an eye out for anything your kids grew out of, games that are missing any pieces, or games they don’t use.  For us, the goal is to keep what we use all the time.

Puzzle Organization

Kids grow out of puzzles so quickly.  I was able to donate a baby puzzle.  Also, check for missing pieces, no one wants to deal with that.

Crafts Organizing

We have a lot of craft supplies!  I like to organize these into clear plastic bins so the kids can find everything easily.

Put like items together.  All the markers, pens, and crayons in one box.  All of the coloring books went into another clear bin.  The good thing about bins is you can stack them and get more use out of your space.

I have noticed when all of the crafts and toys are organized my children are more likely to use them and put them away.

Label Boxes

I decided to label the boxes and the shelves.  These labels are not for my kids because they can’t read yet.

The labels are for me and anyone who is putting things away.  I feel the labels will hold me accountable and keep me more organized.

No fancy label machine here (yet).  I used blue tape and a marker to make my labels.  The good thing about blue tape is it comes off easily with no residue so you can change things around if you need to.

Once my boys are old enough to read this will help them to stay organized and find things easily.

Stand Things Vertically

Standing items vertically saves a lot of room.  When items are stood up next to each other you can see what you are looking for much easier.

The best thing about vertical organizing is you don’t have to move the other 10-plus items that are stacked on top!  Sadly kid puzzles can’t stand vertically =(

organize games

I hope some of these tips were helpful!

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3 thoughts on “The Best Way To Organize Kid’s Games & Crafts”

  1. I think it would be interesting to see how you organize your own art supplies. There can be so many items! Paintbrushes, unused canvases, paints, etc!

    1. SHANNON

      Great idea, I will work on a post for that topic.

  2. Katie

    I put my puzzles in plastic zippered bags and now I can stand them vertically and I don’t lose pieces.

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