How To Spring Clean Your Home In One Day

Today I am sharing how to Spring clean your home in one day.  For me, Spring cleaning is getting all of the hidden areas clean. 

The areas of your home that you usually skip, or ignore.  When I think of Spring cleaning it is more of a deep clean, not your everyday stuff.


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Where to Start?  Personally, I like to go by theme.  All bathrooms first, clean until completely done, and shut the door.

I then go to the bedrooms second.  Living rooms third. Kitchen and dining room fourth.

Finish up with all mirrors and floors last.  Why this order?  Well, I like to end with the high traffic areas because those are the rooms that your family will most likely be in making more mess.

If you are home alone, I would still clean in this order because if you run out of time you are more likely to be in those rooms more often, so more of a chance to finish cleaning later.

how to spring clean your home


How To Spring Clean Your Home In One Day:

Try to start early in the morning so you can get in as much cleaning as possible.


Clean The Bathrooms

I like to start in the bathroom.  First, spray everything down with your cleaner of choice and put the toilet cleaner in.

Then let this sit, while you start a load of any dirty towels.  When you return to the bathroom you will be ready to scrub the sink, tub, and tile or countertops.

For scrubbing, I use an old sponge.  But when it comes to wiping everything down I love using microfiber towels.

They work great on mirrors and faucets to get them shining!

I like to do the mirrors/windows and the floors last.  This way you will not spray water or cleaner on them by accident. 

I also have a top-down theory.  If you start at the top any dust or debris will fall to the floor that is why you will want to clean the floors last.


Tidy The Bedrooms

Start with changing the sheets.  The sheets will cause dust to fly in the air and you don’t want to have to dust twice.

Remove any dirty clothes from your room.

Put things away.  This sounds simple, but it is much easier to dust and clean when there isn’t a bunch of stuff in the way.

Hopefully, you have already decluttered before you are cleaning (read more here on how to declutter your closet).  Decluttering makes cleaning a lot easier.

Make the bed before you dust.  Again top-down theory.

Then you can wipe down the windows and the mirrors and finish with vacuuming and or mopping.

If you have curtains you might want to wash these as well.  This will depend on the type of curtains you have and if they can be washed.




Other Rooms To Clean

The Living room, kitchen, and any other rooms will be the same system that I described for the bathrooms and bedrooms.  Always think top-down. 

The worst thing is when you finish cleaning a room and then realize you forgot to dust the ceiling fan!  For me, Spring cleaning is going the extra mile. 

I like to move the couch and vacuum and mop.  Vacuum the corners of every ceiling and wipe down the floorboards. 

These are the everyday things I usually miss or skip because I don’t have enough time.



Cleaning all the windows in your home will make a huge difference!

But don’t forget the screens.  If you have screens it is easy to miss cleaning them.

I usually pull them out and hose them off and dry them with an old towel.

This will make your home look brighter because dirt makes a film that blocks light.  Also opening the windows while you clean will let in some fresh air and make your home smell better.



Decluttering Your Home!


Hopefully, you have had time to declutter your home before you started to clean.  If you did not have time my simple suggestion would be to discard the obvious. 

Throw out any trash or any outdated items.  If you have more time, throw out anything that you no longer use or wear.  Get rid of anything broken. 

These small changes will make a large impact and help with the cleaning effort.  If you have more time to declutter I would do that before cleaning. 

I like to go room by room and take everything out section by section.  Make 3 piles; keep, trash, donate. 

This can be very time-consuming depending on how much stuff you have.  Taking the time for decluttering can transform your entire home and life, so for me, it is worth the effort.




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3 thoughts on “How To Spring Clean Your Home In One Day”

  1. Jackie

    This is seriously so helpful! I am starting to prepare for spring cleaning & want to do a deep clean of our whole house. I will definitely be looking back at this post. We are starting by having our upholstery professionally cleaned which I can’t wait for. Thanks again for sharing!!!

  2. Amelia Jackson

    I love your step-by-step process, and the top-down theory! My husband and I have been decluttering in the house in preparation for our , and I just know that spring cleaning is right around the corner. I often get so overwhelmed by what needs to be done, but I think referencing your article will help immensely!

  3. Jackie

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am getting ready to do a big spring clean for our home here in Harrisburg, PA. I will totally be using your tips. Thanks again!

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