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Closet Decluttering Results – Closet Before & After

Decluttering my closet was a year long project.  When I started decluttering my home a year and a half ago, I never thought it would take more than a year. Today I am sharing my closet decluttering results – closet before & after. 

My whole life I have always wanted a super organized closet, but something was holding me back.  It turns out that “something” was the amount of stuff in the closet.  I never thought that getting rid of some stuff would make my closet look so much better.  As I decluttered I learned some tricks that really helped me with the decluttering process.  You can pull everything out and see if it brings you joy, but if you are trying to become more minimal I found a few things that help move the process along.  Here are my closet decluttering results.

Before the decluttering:

Switching Hangers

Go into your closet and turn everything that is hanging so that the hanger is facing out.  After you wear each item, return it to the closet with the hanger going in.  In about 6 months you can clearly see what you have worn and what you didn’t wear.  This visual really helped me declutter a lot of clothes that I was hanging onto “just in case”.  The items that have not been worn can be analyzed.  Are they in season?  Do they fit?  Is it your style?

One thing I changed early in my closet organization was my actual hangers.  I decided that my closet looked so much better with all black hangers.  I like a combination of black plastic hangers and velvet hangers.  Just this simple change made a huge difference in the look of my closet.

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Get Serious

closet before and after

I finally got serious with myself.  I took out everything that was bothering me.  Why was I storing my ironing board in my closet?  Did I need that almost empty shoe holder?  Everything that was in the way and didn’t belong was out.  After I took all of the non clothing items out, my closet looked so much better.  I like to use the capsule wardrobe system.  There are so many different ways to organize your clothes, but I like to hang my current capsule wardrobe.  Everything else, the clothes I wear in the other 3 seasons I keep folded in my drawers.  This way when I look in my closet I don’t have to sift through stuff that isn’t seasonally appropriate.

Here are some items you might be able to get rid of:

Anything that doesn’t fit – The odds are when this item does eventually fit you probably won’t want it anymore

Wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses – I was holding onto both until recently.  I tried them on and realized they don’t fit anyways

Items that are not your style anymore – I am not talking about what is IN style, I am talking about your style.  I had dresses and jackets that I never wore because they were in style, but they were never my style.  Honestly if I don’t feel comfortable wearing something I know I won’t choose it.

It really surprised me how much I like having less.  My whole life I always thought the goal was to have more, but it turns out it feels great to have just enough.

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Closet Decluttering Before and After Organization

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