Simple Living Summer Bucket List – Slow Summer

Today I am sharing my simple living summer bucket list with you. 

This summer we are going to have as much fun as possible!  The only difference is I am going to approach the planning of summer a little differently.  I designed a summer bucket list that has 5 different sections.  By breaking up my summer plans and ideas I feel we will get more done.  Too many plans can be overwhelming.

Simple Living Summer Bucket List

What is a slow summer?  My personal definition of a slow summer is; coming up with some fun activities, but letting each day unfold naturally.  I don’t want to feel like I am rushing around trying to stuff too many activities into each day.

I also plan to set technology aside for most of the summer.  Last summer we went on a vacation to Maui.  I intentionally logged out of my Instagram.  Logging out was not because I didn’t want to share my vacation, but because I didn’t want to waste one second of my vacation time scrolling through photos or watching stories.  I wanted to soak up every detail of our vacation.  There was plenty of time when I got home to share photos of what we did and catch up on what I missed.

I look back on that vacation and I am so happy I logged out!  Every moment of that vacation is etched in my mind.  Time seems to go slower when we are living in the real world as opposed to the internet.

We only get 18 summers with our kids being kids.  As of right now I only have 13 summers left with my oldest son until he is a grown-up.  We can’t get time back, so I am going to soak up these moments while I can.

Here is a really good article that sums up a slow summer.


Simple Living Summer Bucket List


The idea is to have a more curated slow summer.  Visions of jumping through sprinklers and eating ripe watermelon are dancing through my head.  I will fill out each section with a different topic to keep us more organized.

Simple Living Summer Bucket List Topics I decided on:

  1. Travel
  2. Home
  3. Me
  4. Food
  5. Kids

I picked some topics off the top of my head and I filled the sections below each topic with ideas.  Most summer bucket lists are designed around kids, but I wanted my list to include me and our home.  This year we are not doing a large trip anywhere far, so most of our activities will be local adventures.

Last year we enjoyed a lot of fun activities in Maui, see 8 free kid-friendly activities to enjoy in Maui.

I want to do some weekend home improvements, organizing, and decluttering (if needed).  We also need to think of ourselves too!  If you are a mom or a busy lady make sure you fill out some fun goals for yourself.  I intend to go for more walks, work out, get a massage, and do some summer reading.

Are you looking to travel this summer? Check out my VACATION PLANNER PRINTABLE to plan your next vacation.



summer bucket list

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Simple Living Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list


2 thoughts on “Simple Living Summer Bucket List – Slow Summer”

  1. Pamela Hawkes

    Loved this! Last summer I was off all summer with my children because I was home on maternity leave for my youngest. It was the best! I am really going to miss that opportunity, but instead just want to be present in the time I do have with my kids. It pinged my heart to put a number on how many more summers I have with each of them.

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you Pamela! Sometimes if I can think of how many years I have left with my children being little it really helps me to savor the moments (even those crazy moments LOL). I hope you have a great summer!

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