Summer Aesthetic Photos plus 10 Ways to Get in the Mood for Summer

summer aesthetic

Let’s get into the mood for Summer!  Today I am sharing the Summer aesthetic plus 10 ways to get in the mood for Summer.

Summer is such a fun time of the year, with all the bright colors, warm weather, and long days.  The Summer aesthetic in photos put me in an inspired mood.  Spring is over, and now it’s time to enjoy the long days and yummy fruit!  Here are some great ways to get in the “Summer mood.”

Summer Aesthetic Plus 10 Ways To Get In the Mood for Summer:

Here are some ways I get into the Spring “mood” and some wonderful Spring aesthetic photos.

summer aesthetic beach

Scroll down to see all the beautiful photos and summer ideas!

  1. Get Outside, Go to the beach or the park.
  2. Enjoy the Long Days! 
  3. Make Popsicles (see below)
  4. Paint Summer Nail Designs
  5. Go Swimming
  6. Make a Fun Summer Drink
  7. Float Around a Pool
  8. Try Surfing or a Water Sport
  9. Design your Summer Wardrobe
  10. Enjoy Some Summer Fruit
  11. Make a Summer picnic
  12. Go on a bike ride by the beach or lake.

palm trees

Look up from your phone at the sky! Take in all the beautiful trees and clouds or clear blue sky.

We get so used to always looking down.  Either we are looking at our phones or the floor. 

Don’t forget to look up at the beautiful scenery.

summer holiday

Try a vacation to an island destination.

summer flowers

Stop to smell the flowers! If you like to paint bring your paints outside and capture some beautiful drawings or paintings of the summer flowers.

summer fun

Have fun the way kids do! Actually, play this summer.


Pack lunch and go on a picnic.  This can be very easy but is worth the time to enjoy eating outside.

All red summer

Pick out your summer wardrobe and make it fun! Add bold colors and designs.

summer nails

Pick a really fun nail design for summer.  Get creative and mix different bold colors and themes.

pink and teal summer

Make a fun flat lay with all your bright summer stuff!

These photos are fun to share on Instagram and help to get everyone in the summer fun mode.

summer drink

Make some yummy summer-inspired drinks that include seasonal fruit. Mint strawberry lemonade is so good!

heart summer

Take some fun photos! Get creative this summer.

Summer Aesthetic Food

oranges summer

Make some yummy popsicles! They are so easy to make using fruit juice.

beach time

Take a nap!

Naps are not just for kids.  Napping on the beach can be so relaxing, just make sure to have your sunblock on.


Meditate in a calming location.  The summer days are so much longer.

It is nice to take advantage of the warm nights and go outside more.

pool summer drink

Grab a drink and float in the pool!

Sometimes a staycation can be just as fun as a vacation where you go somewhere far.  Find a place with a pool and float around for a day.


Have a party where you make a themed drink.  Using watermelon is always fun!

summer aesthetic beach tree

Go surfing or try a watersport.  When we went to Maui a few years ago I decided to take a surf lesson at the end of our vacation.

It was so much fun that I wished I had taken the lesson at the beginning of our vacation so I could have surfed more.

summer aesthetic beach tree

Relax by the pool or beach and read a summer-themed book.

Start saving for and planning a summer vacation months ahead of summer to get in the mood.  Think about where you want to go, how much you want to spend, and what you will do.

This way when you are ready to go on vacation it can be very relaxing. 

summer aesthetic beach

Don’t forget to wear a big hat for sun protection!

I hope these summer aesthetic photos helped you to get into the mood for summer.

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summer aesthetic 10 ways to get in the mood for summer

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