Valentine’s Day Kids Craft Ideas

20 fun valentine's day crafts for kids

Today I am sharing 20 Fun Valentine’s Day kids’ craft ideas for all the kids (or adults) in your life!  Make Valentine’s day fun again by adding some crafting to your day. 

Think of all the homemade decor, and cards you can make.  


Valentine’s Day Craft Painting

If you have kids then you probably have paint supplies at home.  All of these crafts are super easy to make and involve supplies that you most likely have already. 

It’s all about having fun so using supplies that you already have or is easy to find is always the way to go for our family!


Make some Love Bugs with toilet rolls – Simply save your toilet paper roll and paint it into a cute bug!

How to make a heart painting with Q-tip painting! – This is so cute and easy for little ones because all you need is paper, a Q-tip, and some paint.

Rock heart painting – This is a great way to pass the time.  Gather some small rocks, wash them, and start painting.  This is such a fun gift to give to a friend!

Make some puffy paint clouds with hearts – What an interesting project for kids of all ages.

Supplies you will need:

  • sheet of heavy cardstock paper
  • red, pink, and purple cardstock paper
  • cut out hearts
  • flour
  • white acrylic paint
  • small container
  • paintbrush
  • glue stick

Paint your own Valentine’s Day cards!  This is so cute and easy and I think most people prefer a homemade card.  All you need is; watercolor paper, paint, and some markers. 

valentines day hearts


Decor Crafting for Valentine’s Day

Decorating for the big day is super fun especially when you can make all the decor yourself!  Kids love to make decorations and these are all easy and you probably have everything you need in your craft drawer. 

valentines day crafts for kids ideas


Make some thumbprint heart glass magnets for your fridge.  This is a fun decor project that actually looks great all year long.

Create your own wreath from paper!  There are so many different Valentine’s day wreath ideas that are easy and fun.  The level of difficulty is up to you, but a super cute wreath can actually be made out of cupcake liners!  It’s that simple and fun.

Love Sign craft – Make your own love sign.  Buy your letters or make them out of cardboard and simply decorate them in a cute way.  This looks great on a mantle or hanging on the front door.

Valentine’s Day Hanging Hearts – This is a cute way to decorate your window.  All you need:

string or ribbon.

Simple and very pretty!

Make a felt wall banner – what a great way to spend some time crafting and end up with such a beautiful piece of decor for years to come.

crafting for valentines day


Treats for Valentine’s Day

Giving out yummy treats on V-Day is so fun.  Here are some easy Valentine’s Day treats to make and eat yourself or hand out to friends and family as a gift.

valentines day food


Try Valentine’s Day puppy chow – This looks super festive and pretty for any party you might go to.

Make some chocolate-dipped brownie hearts – I love that this recipe uses a box brownie mix, simplify where you can!

I love semi-homemade recipes. These include all the fun and learning but with half of the work.

valentines day food



Valentine’s rice krispie treat recipe – This is your typical treat recipe but made into a heart with added pink frosting. 

Make Valentine Confetti – So festive and a great gift for friends and family.  All you need is popcorn, m&m’s, and chocolate.  This looks amazing in a clear bag with a bow as a fun delicious gift.

Pretzel Rods for V-Day! These sweet treats look so pretty for a party or to hand out at school.  All you need is pretzel rods, colorful chocolate, and some sprinkles.  You can make these as intricate or simple as you want.

They taste great too!

valentines day baking


Valentine’s Day Activities to Stay Busy

Here are some super fun and easy activities to stay busy and celebrate the day.

valentines activities


Making Playdough into hearts is a fun activity for little ones! Shape them yourself or use a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Photo Frame Activity – Using conversation hearts, glue, and some popsicle sticks make a frame.  Get as creative as you want and add a photo from the day too.

Play Valentine’s Day Bingo – A simple fun game using more conversation hearts. 

Heart Marshmellow Toothpick structures – Get some heart marshmallows and some toothpicks and then get creative.  This is a wonderful stem/steam activity to keep kids having fun and staying creative. 

Coloring is always fun on Valentine’s Day!  Here are some Free PDF coloring printables to pass the time!




Heart matching game for little ones – Cut out some hearts and split them in half with different types of cuts.  Then have your little one match them up.  A simple heart-themed puzzle 

Drawing and cutting out the hearts is part of the fun too!


20 Valentine’s Day Kids Craft Ideas Conclusion

Hopefully, these 20 fun craft ideas will keep you busy and creative on Valentine’s day!

We love to craft and have fun when we can and these ideas are simple enough to add a little spark to your day.


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