Minimalist Cozy Decor Ideas

Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Today I am sharing my minimalist Fall decor ideas.  As an aspiring minimalist I want to keep my home clutter free, but make sure it feels cozy too.  Here are my tips on how to decorate for Fall as a minimalist.

Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas – Home Tour.

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Fall Decor

When we started to declutter two years ago I had a lot of decorations for every season.  As I decorate for each occasion I try to declutter anything that I don’t use.  If I leave a few items in the bin because I didn’t need them, I always donate those items.  At the end of each season I analyze my decorations and see what I really love and what can go.  Right now I have about 5 small items that I use when decorating for Fall.  One thing is a squirrel and one is a wood crow, they seem silly, but my kids love it.

Fall Decor Minimalist Family

Natural Decor

I love to use as many natural decorations as possible.  Pumpkins, flowers, and a homemade eucalyptus wreath are among my natural decor picks this year.  The eucalyptus wreath was so easy to make, I did a tutorial that you can find here.  On my front porch I added some seasonal flower pots and some large pumpkins.  The good thing about these decorations is you don’t have to store them all year long!

Fall Decor


Don’t forget the Hygge.  I just read the book, The Little Book Of Hygge, which is all about making your home cozy and enjoying the seasons with close friends and family.  I was under the impression that this book would tell me how to decorate my house, but it was more about how to be happy.  It made me think about why we are here and what we are doing with our lives.  Pointing out that life is about friends, good food, and that cozy feeling you get relaxing by candle light while reading a good book.  After reading this book I am trying to create some Hygge in my living room by adding some pillows and throw blankets.

Hygge Fall decor ideas

We have a wood burning fireplace, but we live in an area where we shouldn’t burn fires for pollution reasons so I added twinkle lights.  Everything is better with twinkle lights!  I had an idea to add some birch logs in the fireplace, but I decided I didn’t want to wait so instead I added some cinnamon scented pinecones.  By adding the pinecones and lights it transformed the room into a cozy hangout.

These are the best Tinkle lights and they come with a remote!

Outdoor Decor

The easiest place for a minimalist to decorate is the front and back yard.  You don’t have to store anything and everything is natural, which creates less waste.  By the front door I added some orange and yellow flowers.  My mom lent me her scarecrow sign and her Fall basket.  I love that I can borrow items that I might only use once a year.  Another great place to find decorations is the secondhand store.  I will use it like a library.  Buy some decor and then donate it back when you are done. 

Outdoor Fall decor

These flowers are from Costco and cost around $15. and when I am done with them in the front of our house I can plant them in the backyard.

Outdoor Fall Decor Plants

I love making our home cozy without all the clutter.  With time I have realized less is always more, especially when it comes to decorations.

How do you decorate for Fall?

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