How to Make a Eucalyptus Wreath

Today I am sharing how to make a eucalyptus wreath.  This is an easy project plus it smells great!

How to Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath DIY


How to make a eucalyptus wreath? Let me show you how easy it is to make this wreath.  You only need 2 supplies and 2 tools and I bet you already have all of them at home.

DIY Fresh EUCALYPTUS Wreath Supplies:

  • Eucalyptus Branches (we have a tree in our neighborhood)
  • The wire from the local craft store

Tools for Making the Eucalyptus Wreath

  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors

So that is it! Just 2 items.

First cut off the branches that you want to use.  I looked for full leafy branches. 

After they were cut I set all of my branches aside for a few days. I don’t know if this is necessary, but it allowed them to dry out. 

In that drying process, they curled up a bit.  As a result, this helped me to form my wreath base.


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Do You Need a Wreath Base?

When I thought of trying this project I was convinced I needed a wreath base.  I looked online to see where I could buy one.

It was surprising to see just how much these bases cost!  For a simple DIY project, I wasn’t going to spend that much on a wreath base.

After playing around with my branches I realized there was no need for a base of any kind.

How to Make a Eucalyptus Wreath


Making Your Eucalyptus Wreath will be Easy

I started my wreath by finding all of the slightly curved branches that had a lot of eucalyptus leaves.  Arrange them in a way where the curve can form a circle. 

After that decide how large you want your wreath to be by laying out all of the branches.

Once your branches are in a loose circle form then you can start connecting the branches.

Start wrapping the wire around the branches to connect them together and form a circle.  Once your branches and leaves have formed a solid base, you can start to add more branches so your wreath will be nice and full.  Most importantly try to hide the wire and make sure there are leaves covering the wire. 

The more branches you add the easier it is to cover the wire and fuller it looks!

When I was happy with how my wreath looked I used a piece of wire to make a hook.  I doubled the wire and wrapped it around one of the branches.


How to Make a fresh Eucalyptus Wreath hook


As you can see in this photo my hands did get dirty from the tree sap.  If I did this project again I would suggest wearing gloves.

Steps on How to Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

  1. First, pick your eucalyptus branches
  2. Second, let the branches dry out for a few days (if you have time)
  3. Third, arrange the branches to form a base
  4. Fourth start wiring your branches together
  5. Fifth add more if needed
  6. Sixth make a wire hook

At first, I thought I would need a wreath form but then I realized it was super easy to use the branches to form my wreath base.  In conclusion, this project took about 30 minutes from start to finish and it is my cheapest project to date.

This wreath has held up amazingly well. 

Answering Your Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath Questions

How long will a eucalyptus wreath last?

If you want your wreath to be fresh and alive it will last about 3 weeks.  After your wreath dries out I feel the wreath could last forever. 

A dried-out wreath doesn’t look much different from when it is fresh.  I have had my eucalyptus wreath hanging in my home for about a year and it still looks great.  The only change is the leaves went from a bright green to a more silver dull green. 

When the wreath dries out it does not crumble or at least it hasn’t in my experience.  If I move it around a lot some leaves will fall off but overall it has held up great.


How do you dry a eucalyptus wreath?

After I made my wreath I immediately hung it up on our wall.  The wreath naturally dried over time. 

As long as the wreath is hanging and in a somewhat dry climate it will naturally dry out on its own with no help needed.

I haven’t had any problems with it falling apart or crumbling.  It still looks amazing.


Does dried eucalyptus smell good?

Yes, dried eucalyptus still smells good.  Since it has dried the smell is less potent.  I can only smell it when I put my nose right up to the wreath. 


The smell seems to fade with time.  We are now over a year since I made this wreath and I don’t smell anything.

How do you make a wreath without a frame?

As I described above just wrap the branches together to form a base.  The main difference is you won’t have a thick steady surface to start out on. 

Once the branches are all connected and secure it is easy to add smaller leafy branches to make the wreath full.

When Christmas comes along it is easy to add a red ribbon or other decorations.

Wreath UPDATE:

Over a year later and our Homemade Eucalyptus Wreath is still looking great!  No crumbling and not falling apart.  I might have this wreath for the rest of my life haha.


Conclusion on How to Make a Homemade Wreath

This was a super fun project that didn’t take much time.  The nice thing about a fresh eucalyptus wreath is it looks great all year round. 

Since we have a eucalyptus tree nearby this DIY was completely free.  In case you don’t have a tree near you here is a great tutorial on how to make a faux eucalyptus wreath.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on how to make this wreath.


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How to Make a Eucalyptus Wreath

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