Pencil Skirt Tutorial

how to make an easy pencil skirt

Pencil Skirt Tutorial

I got this great idea to make a pencil skirt from a blog that I read all the time called Cotton and Curls.  This pencil skirt tutorial is super simple and you will have a new skirt in a few minutes.
I saw how easy it is to make the skirt, and thought I could do that! Since I have so much stretchy material that I have no plan for I decided that I need a pencil skirt.


You have to measure around your waist, hips, and knees.

Also, measure the length from your waist to your knees.
Divide the waist, hips, and knee measurements in half and that will be how wide the skirt is when you cut it out.  Make sure you pin along the outside of the skirt before you cut it out so you
have a line to follow when cutting. 
Make sure you allow some room for the sewing, I didn’t have to because my material was so stretchy.
Pencil Skirt Tutorial
Once you cut out the skirt sew up the sides and it’s done!
Of course, feel free to hem the skirt if you feel like it, I did it to make it look a little more finished.
If you double-click the picture below you can see how I did my measurements. 
Pencil Skirt Tutorial
Then it’s done! YAY


Pencil Skirt
This was such a simple pencil skirt tutorial! 
Using stretchy material makes this sewing project super easy!


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