Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY

We made the easiest raised garden bed DIY project!  You only need 2 tools and some wood.

diy raised garden beds

To make a simple raised redwood garden bed we used; wood, a handsaw, and a drill.

Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY

Our garden bed is 8 x 4 feet and 5 1/2 inches tall.  A lot of garden beds are 8 to 12 inches high, but we are putting this garden bed over dirt so we can dig deeper than the 5 inches.

If you are making this without any wood cutting power tools, then I would try to use the least amount of wood cuts possible.

We decided to go for 8 x 4 feet.  With these dimensions it allowed us to buy three 8 foot long pieces of wood.  Only one piece had to be cut in half.

Home Depot cut the 8 foot piece of wood in half for us!

Make sure you have another 1 1/2 inch square piece of wood to use in the corners as a joining piece.

Our wood of choice is redwood, but you could also use cedar.  Both redwood and cedar are great for raised garden beds because they are naturally rot resistant but safe for growing veggies.


Wood Garden Bed Corners

In each corner we joined the sides with a 1 1/2 inch piece of wood cut to the width of the box.  This way we could screw our sides into this joining block.

The hardest part of the whole project was cutting the joining block with a handsaw.  That shows you how easy this project really is!

There is an option to buy raised garden bed corners that are pre-made.   All you have to do is slip the wood into the corner pieces.

This is another great idea if you don’t feel like cutting wood or drilling, but in all honesty the cutting and drilling was very easy.


Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY


Screwing The Garden Bed Sides

I found the easiest way to screw the joining block on the sides was to lay down the wood and always screw down towards the ground.

Make sure you pick a screw that won’t rust.  Deck screws worked great!

Once everything was screwed together we were done.

Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY


Do You Need to Line a Garden Bed with Plastic?

We decided NOT to line this garden bed with plastic because this is just a way to contain the dirt for our garden.  Since this project was cheap and simple I don’t intend to have this last forever although it might LOL.

Redwood is naturally rot resistant so I am not too worried about this garden bed rotting away.

Make sure you don’t use treated wood.  Toxic chemicals are in treated wood and you don’t want that seeping into your vegetable garden!

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Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY

Easy Raised Garden Bed DIY


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  1. Kathy

    Good blog post. Now we will plant the garden and see what grows. I love doing these projects with you! and with the boys, too.

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