Minimalist Family Home Tour

Welcome to our minimalist family home tour.  We have lived here for 6 years!  Before and after photos included.

When we moved into our home we weren’t minimalists and we had never decluttered.  Now we live in what I consider a minimalist family home.  Slowly we fixed up each room in our home to our liking, but it wasn’t until I started the decluttering process that I really started to love our home.  I noticed having less decor actually made our place look better.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

When you enter our home from our patio you will walk straight into the kitchen and dining room.

I decided on a black, white, and gray color scheme with pops of teal.  It is much easier to make a home look cohesive and “decorated” if there is a color scheme going throughout the house. 

I found this black and white curtain at Target.  I decided to alter the curtain by cutting it in half and sewing it in a way that the fringe could hang at the bottom. 

Usually, I buy material and make curtains from scratch, but I loved this already made curtain, and knew I could customize it.

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minimalist family home tour


About a year into our decluttering journey I decided I didn’t like all the decorations on our shelves.  At one point I emptied our shelves completely, but that looked super odd. 

Finally, I realized we had too many shelves.  I ended up taking out 2 shelves and going for larger items, so it didn’t look too busy.  Plants ended up saving my decor dilemma! 

I found some low-light plants to fill up the shelves.  Using plants for decor is a great alternative to books and knick-knacks.

The basket on the lower right shelf is for my purse and items that I need all day long, but like to keep out of sight.



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Simple Living Room

When you enter our front door you will step right into our living room.  This room leads to the hall to go upstairs or to our kitchen and dining room.

We decided to hang our TV over the fireplace, don’t worry we don’t use the fireplace!  If we did the TV might melt! 

We like our living room to be cozy, with lots of pillows and blankets in the winter.  Read the post about cozy minimalist decor here.

Before we decluttered this room was filled with toys and bins. 

Now I like to keep it as simple and clean as possible.  We don’t have a coffee table for two reasons; my kids are always running in here, and I don’t want to attract a bunch of clutter.


habits to become minimalist

Our chair is from Ikea and our rug is from Costco.


Keeping The Bathrooms Minimalist

We have two main bathrooms and a very small half bathroom.  This extremely tiny master bathroom was recently renovated.  We replaced the sink, cabinet, tile, light fixture, mirror, and toilet. 

The only thing we left was the shower.  Watch how we did it here.  We thought about redoing the shower, but it is so small we didn’t see the point.

These few updates made a huge difference in such a tiny space.  Again we used white and gray as a color theme.

The light fixture and cabinet are from Home Depot and the mirror and medicine cabinet my husband made.


The larger joint bathroom was completely redone after a year of living here.  We decided that we couldn’t live with the weird shell sink anymore.  It is crazy how a few small changes can completely transform a room. 

See the before photos in this post, Before and After Bathroom post.


minimalist bathroom


Minimalist Master Bedroom

Welcome to our bedroom.  I love how our room looks, but it wasn’t always like this. 

Recently I decided to paint this main wall white.  It uses to be dark blue! 

My husband made this simple headboard and we went with white everything.  The hanging plants and pillows bring some color into the room. 

A white base is nice because adding color is easy.

I love having an all-white comforter.  It is surprisingly easy to keep clean and it really brightens the room!



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Office / Guest Room

Our office and the guest room are new!  This room uses to be one of my boy’s rooms, but we decided to have our two sons share a room. 

So far they are loving being in the room together.  The nice thing about them sharing the room is now we have this extra room. 

After a lot of thought, I decided I wanted this room to be a guest room and a second area to work or hang out.

I decided on a pull-out couch.  This way if someone is staying we have a bed, but most of the time this is a cozy place to relax and read a book or hang out.


Our patio is very tiny and it’s also our laundry room!  It is kinda nice to have the laundry outside, it makes it easier to hang clothes.  We made our patio as cozy as possible! 

By adding an outdoor rug and sail shade, this patio feels like an extension of our dining room.

All of the art and plant boxes were made by my husband and we made sure to add lots of pretty plants and flowers.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee or cocktail.  We named it the “Laundromat Cafe”!

Minimalist Home Patio Update Video:



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What our house looked like when we first bought it (this is not our stuff).





4 thoughts on “Minimalist Family Home Tour”

  1. Shannon, I love your home tour! I especially love how you show that a minimalism-inspired home doesn’t have to be a stark, all-white home. You obviously include things you really enjoy decorating with, like green plants, and it makes your home look very inviting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you! I hope you have a great day.

  2. Wow!!! Omg just love this post!!! 5 years ago I was not very minimal- frugal yes, but minimal no. I’m obsessed now! I love the way it makes everything seem so clean and fresh- not just physically but mentally!! Your house looks fresh and welcoming! You did such a great job!!! It’s very warm and comforting- a look I strive for! I do my best, then the kiddo drags in way too much and we have to figure out a place or eliminate. A work in progress but worth it. I’ve never felt so light in my home. I don’t stress as much or worry about project or that dreaded clutter closet! Ha.
    Really enjoyed seeing your before and after and hearing your story. Put a smile on my face 🙂

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you so much! I agree that minimalism and decluttering has helped make our home look so much better. Everything is always a work in progress especially decluttering. I hope you have a great day!

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