$5 Goodwill Challenge - Spring Inspiration

$5 Goodwill Challenge – Spring Decor Ideas 2019

This Spring I have joined the $5 Goodwill challenge!  I am trying to buy more second hand items and decorate with what I already have.  The goal is to be less wasteful. 

The Challenge

This $5 challenge is super easy.  All you have to do is pick out some seasonal decorations that are under $5.  Making sure you buy them from a second hand store.  It doesn’t have to be the goodwill!  You can buy something that is already ready to go, or you can make a craft for your home.  I opted for the already made item.  Lately I haven’t had a lot of time for crafts.  Maybe it’s something to do with having 5 and 2.5 year old boys!

The goodwill is a sort of library, but the main difference is you have to pay.  Instead of buying a bunch of new seasonal decorations I have decided to start using the local goodwill or thrift store.  This solves two problems.  One – I don’t have to store seasonal decor all year long.  Two – this is much more eco friendly.  I can “check out” (buy) some seasonal decor and when I am done I can donate the decorations back to the second hand store.  This way nothing new is being created because of me and the second hand store is making money over and over.

Before going to the secondhand store I tried to have something in mind.  I wanted something that would work in my home all year long, because I don’t want to store a bunch of seasonal decor.  When I was hunting through all of the goodwill shelves I tried to stay picky!  It is easy to buy something kinda junky, but then you will find yourself  decluttering the item too quickly.  Even though I am buying second hand I still want to get my money out of the item.

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Spring decor ideas

The truth is I had a hard time finding something good for $5.  It might have been the moment I went to the goodwill, but there wasn’t much to choose from.  I ended up finding a cute basket that I put some succulents in.  This basket was really pretty and very neutral, something I can use all year long.  A basket is also a multipurpose item, I can use it to store almost anything.  Future ideas are; plants, napkins, craft supplies, silverware for a party, ect.  I also stopped by Trader Joes for some fresh Spring flowers.  Wild flowers are so pretty and I wish I had some open fields to pick my own.  Instead I have to pretend they are fresh picked and buy them.

Spring Flowers Inspiration

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Along with the fresh flowers I pulled out a hand painted Easter sign I had made the year before.  This was such a simple project, I just hand painted the words Happy Easter on an old wood board.  If you don’t feel like spending money and want to get crafty, this is the easiest thing to make.

Happy Easter sign

These simple updates really transformed my home to feel ready for Spring.

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Spring Flowers in Yellow vase

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Comment below: Do you use secondhand stores as a decor library?


Spring Decor Inspiration

Simple Spring Decor ideas

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