12 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

12 simple fall decor ideas

12 Simple Fall decor ideas to get your home looking amazing!

Fall is such a cozy time of the year for home decor.  Adding a few things here and there can completely transform your home from Summer to Fall.

Here are a few ways to decorate your home for the Fall season.


1 – Fall Decorate your Porch

Add a lot of pumpkins and some seasonal flowers.

Halloween decor

Don’t forget the scarecrow!


2 – Lean into the Halloween Decor

Add some paper lanterns, and some spooky candles. 

Halloween decor

Go black and white with a hint of orange for a simple tablescape. 


3 – Black Paper Halloween Cutouts

I find some people like to decorate for Thanksgiving or go all out for Halloween.

Get some black paper and cut out some bats and a haunted house.

The cool thing about this decor is it’s easy a cheap to make.

Halloween decor


4 – Decorate One Area

Pick one table to add a lot of decor too.  This is a great way to keep your Fall decor simple and minimal.

Halloween decor


5 – Fall Kitchen Decor


Add some pumpkins and twinkle lights to your kitchen shelf!

Fall Ideas

Seasonal flowers also add color without adding clutter.


6 – Add a Fall Seasonal Sign

Something like this Fall sign is very easy to make yourself. 

Get some black paint and make your own sign or you can print out a cute Fall saying.


 Decor ideas


7 – Fall Wreaths

Fall wreaths are easy to make yourself.  Either collect Fall colored leaves or some mini pumpkins and add them to a wreath base.


Simple Fall Decor


8- Autumn Colored Pillow Covers

Add the feel of Autumn to your home by switching out your pillow covers and throw blankets.

Simple Fall Decor ideas


9 – Decorate A Side Table

Find one area in your home that is somewhat blank and add a wreath in orange and yellow.

It doesn’t take much to add the feel of Fall to your home.

Simple Fall Decor ideas


10 – Pumpkins

When all else fails just add some real pumpkins to your home.  The great thing about real decor is you don’t have to store it all year long.

Simple Fall Decor ideas


11 – Dried leaves and Flowers

Adding some Fall colored natural dried leaves and branches is a great way to decorate without spending a lot of money.

Simple Fall Decor ideas


12 – Orange Garland

Add a simple garland to one area of your home.  Just a small pop of orange or rust color can give you that Fall feels without going overboard. 

If the garland lights up this is also a great way to add that cozy feel to your home.

Fall Decor ideas

12 Simple Fall decor ideas Conclusion

Hopefully, some of these simple decor ideas will help you get into the mood for Fall.  These photos prove that less is more when it comes to decor.

A few pops of color can change the whole vibe of a room.  Happy Fall!

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