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Today I am sharing my best tips for some last-minute holiday help.  Here are seven ways to avoid the holiday season stress and simplify the month of December.

If you are running out of time for the quickly approaching holiday party or Christmas day then try out these easy ways to simplify.


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1 – There Isn’t Any Time For Shopping


Let’s pretend you have run out of time to go shopping in the store for gifts.  Maybe it is also too late to shop online and have something sent!

Go with a gift card to a place that this person loves to shop at.  Getting someone a subscription to something they love or use is also another great option.

What I love about both of these ideas is they are not something the person will have to keep in their home in case they don’t want more stuff.



2 – No Time to Bake


If you are low on time no one is going to know if you buy some premade cookie dough.  This is a great tip if you are in a pinch.

It’s fun to make homemade cookies, but they can be labor-intensive and take time.  Grabbing some Toll House cookie dough and baking them will be just as good!



Looking for a gift for the bakers in your life?  Check out this list of 25 useful gifts for bakers.


3 – Just Say No


Don’t overbook yourself through the month of December.  There are so many parties and community gatherings, don’t feel bad if you decide to take some time for yourself. 

I only say yes to the parties and gatherings that I really want to go to.  Make sure you have some time to savor and enjoy the holiday season too!


4 – It’s Too Late For Cards


At some point, it becomes too late to send cards in the mail and have them get there before Christmas.

I like to send a Christmas card email.  It’s more cost-effective (because it is free) and more eco-friendly.  Less paper is being used as well as the transport to get the card to your family.

Of course, snail mail is great and fun to receive too, but when a card is going to everyone you know it can be a lot of work and money.

I like to use Canva, to make a basic card layout and then insert that into an email with a little story about how we are all doing.

This is very easy and fun!



5 – Unplug


Find more time by unplugging from social media!  Anytime I log out of all my apps and restrain myself from checking my email constantly I tend to find a lot of missing time.

I call it a scroll hole!  Checking one thing on my phone can lead me into a rabbit hole.  One app leads to another!

Log out or turn off your phone to get a lot of time back in your day.


6 – Simplify Decorating


A lot of us get joy out of our Christmas decorations!  I love to decorate, but I have simplified the process by using what I already have.

Most of my decorations have been around for years and I rarely add anything.  

If you are out of time to decorate but want your home to look festive grab a poinsettia, and a bag of pinecones from the grocery store.  This looks great and almost every store has some real pine branches or festive flowers. 




7 – Use Tried and True Recipies


If you are feeling stressed about the holidays then use the recipes you know everyone loves.  Now is not the time to try out a new recipe.

It can add unneeded stress trying to find new ingredients and what if the recipe is no good!

I like to stick with what we know we like and know how to make.  Taking all the stress out of holiday meals.

Try my FREE Christmas Recipe Planner!


Let me know your best holiday help tips in the comments!


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