How to Enjoy Christmas as a Minimalist

how to enjoy christmas as a minimalist


Here is how to enjoy Christmas as a minimalist family!  We have been striving to become more minimal for the last 5 years.  When it comes to Christmas time a lot has changed for us.

We have simplified our lives and that includes all the holidays too.

Here are all of the posts for the last 5 years on how we have simplified the Christmas holiday time.

How to Enjoy Christmas as a Minimalist


By simplifying our decor, what we do, the gifts we give, and how we spend our time we have found a way to truly enjoy Christmas and the holidays.  All of the hustle and stress has been removed and we can now relax and actually appreciated this time of the year.


How to Have a Minimalist Christmas


The minimalist life, though carefree and awesome, can sometimes come with challenges. Like when it comes time to decorate and celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year-Christmas. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to have a minimalist Christmas.  Read More Here

minimalist gifts


Minimalist Christmas Home Tour


See how we have decided to decorate for Christmas as a minimalist family.  We have downsized all of our decorations into two bins and a fake Christmas tree.

We have kids and we all enjoy decorating for the holidays.  This is how we have combined Christmas decorations and trying to live with less.  Read More Here


Watch the minimalist Christmas Home Tour Here:

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Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas


If you are a minimalist it can be hard to strike the perfect balance between decorated and cluttered.  Here are 12 simple minimalist Christmas decorating ideas that anyone can pull off.  Whether you are into traditional Christmas decor or modern decor these tips will help you decorate with style! Read More Here

Homemade Christmas Decor


Minimalism at Christmas Time


Simplify everything that you can.  A lot of us find the holiday season stressful when it is supposed to be fun.  This is because we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect.

Find the perfect gifts, spend the right amount of money, decorate a certain way, host the perfect party, and the list goes on.

Let go of perfection and focus on family, friends, and fun.  Make your Christmas party a potluck, or tell everyone you will all cook together.  In other words, make your own rules for Christmas time. Read More Here

Fall Aesthetic


Top 5 Minimalist Christmas Trees I LOVE


What is a Minimalist Christmas Tree?

A minimalist Christmas tree can mean something different to everyone.  My definition is that the tree is simple.  Maybe there aren’t a lot of branches.

The tree could be very tall and thin, or smaller than the average Christmas tree.  The decor on the tree might be very simple or all one color.

Since the definition of minimalism is different for everyone so is a minimalist Christmas tree, but for the sake of this post, I am finding 5 Minimalist Christmas Trees that are very unique.

Sometimes Christmas decor can look cheesy and overdone, but it doesn’t have to!  You can also make it calm, visually pleasing, and as minimal as you want. Read More Here

Best Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas


30 Unforgettable Family Christmas Traditions


This year I am planning on trying out some new Christmas traditions.  Making memories can boil down to all your fun family traditions.  I remember growing up making Christmas cookies, our own ornaments, and sending cards every December leading up to Christmas. 

The definition of tradition is; something that is handed down.

Handing down meaningful memories from all the fun we have at Christmas time is exactly what I want for my children.  Hopefully, someday they will make Christmas memories with their children too! Read More Here

30 unforgettable Christmas Traditions


61 Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas


Here are 61 minimalist gift ideas for everyone in your life.  Why add more clutter to the world?  When I first started decluttering I thought I would never buy anything ever again.  The thought of unwanted gifts stressed me out, but luckily there is an alternative.

Americans spend a lot of money on gifts, the average American spends $920 per person on holiday gifts, and the sad thing is a lot of these gifts go in the trash!  31% of people regift the presents they receive and 4% actually throw them away.

This sounds horrible, but it can be fixed with the gift of an experience. 

Read More Here


How to Declutter Christmas Decorations – 5 Simple Tips


When I was younger I kept everything!  I would keep little scraps of paper and tickets.  Keeping every card that was ever given to me!  I totally understand how Christmas decorations can be sentimental, but I also don’t want to store 5 bins of decor that I only use once a year.

Here are five simple ways to cut down on your Christmas decor before it takes over your entire storage area.  Read More Here


Simple Christmas Bucket List


The holidays are what we make of them.  We are trying to enjoy ourselves by having some fun experiences.  A simple Christmas bucket list is the best way to make sure we are getting the most out of our holiday!

This is the beginning of making some family traditions that we can look forward to each December. Read More Here


How To Create a Minimalist Hygge Christmas


When I first started looking up minimalism I kept coming across the word Hygge.  I love the idea of Hygge and I feel winter is the best time to add more Hygge into my home.  Let’s get started with how to create a minimalist Hygge Christmas.  Read More Here


10 Simple Minimalist Gift Ideas For Kids


December is here and Christmas is only a few weeks away.  We have spent the last year decluttering our home and simplifying what we have kept.  I am not looking forward to filling our house back up any time soon.

I decided to come up with a simple gift guide for all the minimalists with kids.  We will be getting our kids gifts this year, but they might not be something they store in their room.

When looking for a gift I always try to find something that’s high quality and durable.  We love gifts that get our children thinking outside the box and interacting with us.  I try to steer clear of toys that make a lot of noise and anything fragile. Read More Here

Kids activities for summer


How to Make Reusable Christmas Gift Bags


We are using some homemade reusable Christmas gift bags this year.  These simple bags are super easy to make.

Reusable gift bags are eco-friendly and super cute.  “Americans spend more than $7 billion on wrapping paper each year, according to Sundale Research.” What I like about this simple craft is you make it one time and you are done forever!

Hopefully a small change, like not using as much wrapping paper, will amount to a larger impact on helping the environment.  I like to say every little bit helps.  I found this question when researching how much waste is created by wrapping paper. Read More Here

Reusable gift bag for Christmas gifts


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Minimalist Christmas Ideas

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