Top 5 Best Minimalist Christmas Trees

Where to buy the top 5 best and most unique minimalist Christmas trees

top 5 minimalist Christmas trees

What is a Minimalist Christmas Tree?

A minimalist Christmas tree can mean something different to everyone.  My definition is that the tree is simple.  Maybe there aren’t a lot of branches.

The tree could be very tall and thin, or smaller than the average Christmas tree.  The decor on the tree might be very simple or all one color.

Since the definition of minimalism is different to everyone so is a minimalist Christmas tree, but for the sake of this post I am finding 5 Minimalist Christmas Trees that are very unique.

Sometimes Christmas decor can look cheesy and overdone, but it doesn’t have to!  You can also make it calm, visual pleasing and as minimal as you want.

I am also sharing some ideas in case you decide you don’t want a traditional minimalist Christmas tree!

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The Top 5 Unique Minimalist Christmas Trees Found on Amazon

1  Best Choice Products 6ft Pre-Lit Hinged Artificial Alpine Slim Pencil Christmas Tree

This realistic Alpine Christmas tree comes pre-lit!  Making it easy to plug in and decorate.  With one less thing to buy and store (lights).

This tree is 6ft tall but breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage that doesn’t take up much space.  Best of all this tree has a realistic wood trunk so you don’t have to hide the bottom. 

If you are looking for a traditional yet minimalist Christmas tree with a unique flare this is for you!



2 National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree

This is a great mini tree!  If you are minimalist and not into a lot of Christmas decor then this is the tree for you.

At only 4ft tall this tree will look great in a small area on top of a table.  It comes pre-lit and has a burlap base so you don’t need a tree skirt.

The branches fold down for a quick set up to keep your Christmas simple! (Check current prices)




3 Goplus 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree with Solid Metal Legs

This all white tree will look amazing with a minimalist decor aesthetic.

One of the many positive reviewers said, “The diameter of the tree is approx 5 ft at its widest. I love this tree! It’s not too small and not too big. I have people ask me all the time where to find one.”

There are many good things about this tree, for instance, it is eco friendly, has a sturdy metal stand, easy setup and 100% warranty. 

This tree makes such a statement that it looks good without any additional decorations.



4 Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Christmas Tree, 18″, Green

Go tiny and retro with this Nostalgic Christmas tree!  This is great for staying minimal on the Christmas decor.

We use to have a tree like this when I was younger and I remember it on our mantle every holiday.  

18 inches tall with led lighting, all you have to do is turn it on because it runs on an AC adapter!

Perfect for a minimalist who doesn’t like to store a lot of decor, but still likes to decorate.  (See the CURRENT PRICING)




5 National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung White Lights and Stand | Carolina Pine Slim – 6.5 ft

This slim light green tree really makes a statement!  Again this tree would look awesome with no extra decorations.

I love a tree that can look good on it’s own.  It comes pre-strung with lights and stands tall at 6.5 feet.

This tree is very tall and narrow, which is great for a corner or small house.



Simple Minimal Christmas Tree for Kids

 Outgeek 3D Felt Christmas Tree For Kids!

This is an excellent tree for kids because they can decorate it all by themselves.  Let’s be honest some of us only decorate for our kids.  This allows them do all the decorating!

Since this tree is made out of felt it is very minimal when it comes to storage.  This is also a super affordable option!




Best Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Now that you have your tree here are some minimalist ways to decorate for Christmas.  Decor and especially Christmas decor can look really over the top and cluttered in our homes.  Here are three ideas to keep in mind when going for a “minimalist style” holiday decor.

Unique Minimalist Tree

Let the tree itself be the decor.  Pick a tree that stands out and then you don’t have to add a lot of ornaments to the tree to make it look good.

For instance this white tree with only a few red ornaments looks beautiful and very tasteful.

This would be easy to put up and take down and best of all there is not a lot of decorations to store.

Best Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Minimal Color

Pick a color pallet when decorating.  This will help with visual clutter and overwhelm.

As a minimalist, Christmas decor can look super busy and overwhelming.  By picking a few similar colors to work with your home will look more put together and less chaotic.

The tree below illustrates how calm Christmas decor can look.  Red and green are complementary colors.  By putting red and green next to each other it makes them both stand out more.  This causes our eyes to dart around.

By using more white, gold, and silver our eyes can calm down and it feels more relaxing.  

Best Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Leave Some White Space

Spread out the decorations on your tree.  By leaving some room on the tree it will feel less cluttered.

Use the rules you apply to your life as a minimalist to the Christmas Decor.  Less is more!

I think we can get caught up in the Christmas and holiday spirit with decorating.  Next thing I know I am stressed out and feel overwhelmed. 

By spacing out the ornaments on your tree you can enjoy the decor without the overwhelmed and cluttered feel.

Another great idea is to find a super unique tree (like the ones I shared above) and leave it bare!  

Best Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas 

Conclusion Top 5 Minimalist Christmas Trees

A minimalist Christmas is possible!  I hope these unique minimalist Christmas tree ideas got you thinking outside the traditional box.  We can make Christmas decor work for our lives.  Whenever possible I like to decorate with DIY Christmas decor that is fun to make, and stylish at the same time.  Here are 15 DIY minimalist Christmas decor on a budget ideas to try out!

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Pin Best Minimalist Christmas Trees

top 5 best minimalist Christmas trees

This article may include affiliate links. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” You can find my full disclosure at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. Kathy

    I like the skinny tree, might try that one. It will fit into a space easier without having to move much furniture. I do love the look of a flocked tree, brings back childhood memories of Christmas, and that white flocking all over the house.

    1. SHANNON

      I think that tree would look awesome in a corner, out of the way but still very festive!

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