10 Simple Christmas Bucket List Ideas

December is the best time of the year to gather with family and friends and have fun!  Here is our simple Christmas bucket list.

The holidays are what we make of them.  We are trying to enjoy ourselves by having some fun experiences.  A simple Christmas bucket list is the best way to make sure we are getting the most out of our holiday!

This is the beginning of making some family traditions that we can look forward to each December.

Christmas bucket list reading books

Christmas Light Tour

In every town, there are certain streets that go “all out” on the decorations for Christmas!  This is such a fun way to spend an evening. 

Get bundled up and walk around to see all the beautiful decorations that some families spend a lot of time and energy to create.

My children love seeing all the lights, and it’s free!  I did a quick Google search for the best neighborhoods in our area and we found 3 different streets to go walk. 

As we walk around we like to have the kids pick which house they think is the best.

One home had a whole Who-Ville scene!


Read Christmas Books

Christmas books are a great way to get everyone into the spirit.  We have a few favorites this year! The Polar Express is an excellent book and movie, my 4-year-old loves it.

We are also enjoying A Christmas Wish for Corduroy.  Leave me a comment below with your favorite Christmas theme book.


Hot Drinks

It is fun to end the night with a nice warm drink!  We love to have hot chocolate for dessert or a nice tea that can help us stay warm and fall asleep. 

Our children think this is such a treat!


Christmas decor for your bucket list


I love to make our home nice and cozy with all of our Christmas decorations (see our decor here).  We use a fake tree so I can start at the beginning of December with the Christmas decorating.

We like to use ornaments that have been passed down from my mom or that we make ourselves. 

Homemade ornaments add an original charm to our home.  I love how a lit Christmas tree makes the long nights so festive and fun.

Since our tree is fake I like to get a real wreath to bring in that fresh pine smell.  I am also obsessed with twinkle lights!

These lights are the best I have ever used, they come with a mini remote to turn them on and off!


Make Cookies

We have been baking cookies!  My favorites are; Spritz cookies, Lacey Oatmeal, and of course Chocolate Chip!

The joy of baking is such a fun tradition to pass on to my children. 

We bake cookies with Grandma and then we eat them with our hot drinks =)

We had a cookie decorating party with all of the kids in the family. 

Kids love to do things themselves and decorating a cookie all by yourself when you are 2 years old pretty much means you are an adult!

Christmas cookie decorating


Wrap Gifts

Wrapping gifts is so much fun! This year wrapping has been so easy since I switched to eco-reuse gift bags. 

I did a post about how I made these reusable gift bags here

This was such a fun EASY craft, I recommend this to anyone who is trying to cut down on the amount of gift wrap they use.

Christmas gifts for the bucket list


Open Advent Calendar

We are using a LEGO City advent calendar this year and my 4 year old loves it.  From the moment he wakes up, he begs us to open the calendar.

I have noticed the calendar has really helped him understand the countdown to Christmas. 

We always make a big deal about how many days are left.  Next year I am going to get a reusable advent calendar, but this year we are thoroughly enjoying the Lego!

Advent Calendar for Christmas

Make Christmas Cards

Every year we make Christmas cards for all of Emmett’s teachers.  I think it is great to have children make their own cards because it means so much more than a card that anyone can buy from the store.

A homemade card is a one-of-a-kind gift.


Christmas Song Dance Party

We have been playing the traditional Christmas music playlist on Spotify. 

There are so many great songs to get you in the Christmas mood, and when we are bored we clear the living room and have a dance-off.


Add Visiting Santa to your Christmas Bucket List

I like to take the kids to visit Santa.  The mall always has an elaborate Santa’s village.  Did you know you can visit Santa for free?

If you don’t want a picture with Santa, it is free for your kids to go up and get a candy cane and talk to Santa.  We usually visit every year even if we don’t get a photo. 

We like to have at least one conversation with Santa, just so he remembers us on Christmas Eve.

This is our Christmas bucket list, but I have made a free printable bucket list for you linked below.


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