50 Things To Do While Stuck At Home


Today I am sharing 50 things to do while stuck at home.  We are all feeling a little cooped up and running out of ways to stay busy.  I have compiled a huge list of ways to keep yourself busy, besides the internet!  When the news gets old and the internet gets annoying let’s put down our phones and have some fun.

Arn’t we always saying, I wish I had more time!  Well here it is.

50 Things To do While Stuck at Home

Here are fun things to do whether you are an adult or child.  As it turns out adults get bored too LOL.


  1. Play a board game.
  2. Sudoko is a fun game to play alone.
  3. Solitaire
  4. 30 day Decluttering game.  On the first day get rid of one item, on the second day get rid of two things.  By day 30 you are getting rid of 30 items.
  5. Puzzles
  6. Treasure Hunt

  7. Play tag, even as an adult LOL.
  8. Guess the sound.  Make a sound and then have the other person guess what they hear.
  9. Hide and seek.
  10. Dance Party!
  11. Tic tac toe
  12. Hangman

Outdoor Activities

Just because you are home doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoors.  If you have a yard or can go outside these are some really fun ideas.

  1. Get active! Make a relay race.
  2. Plant a garden.  You can grow vegetables from some food in your fridge or seeds in your food.
  3. Lay in the sun.  Get some vitamin D.
  4. Clean the outside of your windows.  It just happens to be Spring so if you are home take advantage and Spring clean.
  5. Wash your car!  Do a home car detail job, get the inside clean too.
  6. Clean up the backyard, organize the kids toys, pull the weeds, and throw away the trash.
  7. Get out and go for a walk around the neighborhood. 

Quiet Activities

  1. Read all those books that have been on your book shelf for years.
  2. Go through all your old family photos.  Get rid of the bad ones and sort the good ones.
  3. Do some yoga and stretching.
  4. Get creative and do some art.  Even if you only have a pencil, you can still do some drawing.
  5. Look around your home and think of some ways you could redo it.  Just for fun.
  6. Rearrange your furniture.  Move some things around and see if you like it better.  If not then move it back.
  7. Clean your home.  Go room by room and find all of the areas you normally ignore.  Clean under things.
  8. Organize your Fridge and clean it.
  9. Wash all your blankets and pillows.
  10. Meditate.  If you don’t know how download an app or google it.  I like the Let’s Meditate app.
  11. Learn something new!  Pull out those projects that are hidden in your closet and start or finish them.

Decluttering and Organizing

Choose a room in your home and then see what can be decluttered.  Obviously we can’t take these items to be donated yet, so just find an area in a closet or in your garage to store the donations.  Throwaway the trash and organize everything that is left.

  1. The kitchen is a great place to start when decluttering.  Look for duplicate items, anything broken, and unused appliances.
  2. Organize the kitchen.
  3. Declutter your wardrobe.  Now there is plenty of time to try everything on and see what can be mixed and matched.  Declutter items that are ill fitting or haven’t been worn in years.
  4. Go through all the shoes! 
  5. Organize your clothes, I like to group my clothes by season.  I currently have my winter wardrobe out and I am about to switch to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.
  6. Go through all the coat closets and declutter all the gowns or suits that will never be worn again.
  7. Declutter the kids clothes.  My kids grow really fast and there is always something to declutter and donate from their wardrobe.

  8. Go through all the toys!  Find the unused toys and donate them. 
  9. Organize the toys in a way that makes sense.
  10. Declutter and organize the garage.
  11. Find all the projects that are hidden in the garage waiting to be done.
  12. Go through your home and analyze what you use and what you don’t.  You might even notice furniture that isn’t needed.
  13. Look through your computer and see what can be deleted.

Random Things To Do

  1. Start baking
  2. Use a recipe that you have been saving.
  3. Start a new workout routine.  There are a lot of workout youtube videos, or just jump around and do some pushups.
  4. Konmari Fold all of your clothes.

  5. Organize your books by color.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Watch the clouds go by.
  8. Go through your file cabinet.
  9. Make bread from scratch
  10. Start a blog.
  11. Create a YouTube channel.
  12. Make a new instagram account about something specific.
  13. Write a book.
  14. Draw a comic strip.

I hope these 50 things to do while stuck at home spark some ideas to think outside the box and get creative.  There is always something to do to stay busy and productive.

Think about how exciting it will be to have your home super organized, sparkling clean, and every project finished.  Let’s try to enjoy this time where we are stuck at home and make the most of it.

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50 things to do while stuck at home



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