8 Fun Activities to do in San Diego with KIDS

There are so many fun things to do and see in San Diego.  Today I am sharing 8 Fun Activities to do in San Diego with KIDS!

We decided to take a quick 2-day vacation to San Diego.  Little did we know that we could fit 8 fun activities into a few days.  Currently, we live about 1 hour away from San Diego so for us it’s a quick ride for a lot to do.  Depending on the day and time there can be a lot of traffic going in and out of San Diego. 

We got lucky because there wasn’t a lot of traffic when we drove in.


The Dana on Mission Bay

This was the first time we had ever stayed at The Dana on Mission Bay and we loved it!  There is enough to do at this hotel alone to never leave. 

They have 2 huge resort-size pools.  There is a cabana to buy drinks by the pool and there is a restaurant next to the other pool. 

If the weather was warmer we could have been at the pool the whole time!  This hotel is also in a prime location, it is close to the 8 activities that I share with you in this post.


Mission Beach

Mission Beach is so nice!  There is a walkway going along the sand for biking or walking/running and there are restaurants and shops along the beach.  We walked along the sand and my boys chased the seagulls. 

Of course, I am always afraid of being pooped on so I like to leave the birds alone.  After we ran around on the beach and watched the sunset, we headed over to Belmont Park.


Belmont Park

This is a fun beachfront amusement park.  There are rides for all ages.  My young boys loved the train and carousel rides.  This park has been here since 1925!  I love the vintage feel I get when walking around.  I felt if everyone was dressed differently it could have been the 1920s. 

The rides are very affordable and varied, plus the parking is free.  From a rollercoaster to a slow train ride, literally something for everyone.



We had a lot of fun running around SeaWorld.  When we first arrived there was a long line to have our bags checked, but I don’t mind because SAFETY FIRST! 

The line actually moved quickly.  Once we were in the park I was surprised by how large it was.  Going on a weekday meant there weren’t a lot of crowds, but it also meant a lot of the park was closed.  Certain rides and a lot of food stands were not open on the day we went.

It was nice to learn about all the sea animals and I was surprised by how many rides and play areas are there. 

My 5-year-old loved climbing through a giant play structure they have there for kids.  The one thing I would suggest is to bring plenty of sunscreen and hats because there aren’t a lot of shaded areas.  I would also suggest bringing your own food. 

We struggled to find something healthy to eat that wasn’t super expensive.  Overall it was a fun educational place to spend a day.


Old Town San Diego

I love the old town, San Diego.  There is so much to see and learn.  All of the homes from the 1800s are open for you to walk through and transport yourself to another era. 

Of course, my kids loved the vintage candy shop the most.  We bought some taffy and lots of yummy sweets. Read more about the history of this town here.


Seeley Stable Museum

We loved walking through this museum that is housed in what looks like an old barn. 

The attendant as you walk in was very knowledgeable and friendly.  Here is a little information on what you will learn by visiting,  “Albert Seeley ran the San Diego-Los Angeles Stage Line, which was put out of business in 1887 after the coming of the railroad. Seeley Stables was the Yuma/San Diego stage stop in the 1850s. It has been reconstructed and now houses a collection of vintage carriages and transportation memorabilia.” Old Town SanDiego Website

This museum is a must-see in my opinion plus it is free!


Casa De Reyes

If you like Mexican food and especially if you like margaritas you have to go here! 

Casa De Reyes has the best margarita I have ever had.  I like to get their house margarita, but watch out because it is very strong.  The food and atmosphere are also amazing!

USS Midway

I am so happy we decided to see the USS Midway.  When you first enter there are jets and planes that you can sit in and pretend to fly.  There is also a cafe and gift shop if you want to get some top gun shirts or a singing stuffed animal. 

My favorite part was the top of the aircraft carrier.  There is an amazing view and you can see exactly how they landed the aircraft.  We didn’t have enough time to see all of this awesome museum. 

If we get to go back I would arrive earlier, because you could spend a whole day walking around this museum.

San Diego is a must-see destination if you come to California or live here.  These are just a few of the many activities that are available in San Diego. 

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have ever been!


8 Fun Things To do in San Diego!

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